No More Edrei’s

No the world does not need anymore Edrei’s. I think one is pretty much enough, if not for the fact that there would be more trouble than it’s worth. Then at least for the fact that I’d lose out on what I do best in life because there would be other “me’s” around doing the same thing. I like not having to compete to be me in spite of all my eccentricities. That at least is a small comfort.

Though it doesn’t mean that there aren’t many nice people in the world as you so eloquently put it. There are and there will always be there. I have told you all that I can tell you and as a friend that you need, I will be there. Not necessarily when you want me to, but at least always at the right place, at the right time. The choices that I have made clear to you are on the table. The rest of your life at least will be in your hands.

It’s time to find yourself a reason inside to smile. That much I can tell you, nice guys will always like that.

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