Of Thoughts And Disasters…

Another quiet day at work, another few bucks earned and lost. It’s just that it’s too peaceful enough to almost feel guilty that a few thousand miles west of me people are probably struggling to come to grips with the reality of loss in their lives. Struggling at the heartbeats between life and death.

But then…

It almost makes me feel guilty.


I know, I know. From afar it would seem that I’m a cold insensitive bastard for saying all this. It’s a stark contrast from what Ju Yit wrote yesterday about how this Belgium couple demanded in so many words to have their blood donated to fill up the ever emptying blood bank.

The heart’s in the right place.

Just…maybe my soul isn’t.

For some reason contemplating that a few thousand died compared to the 6 billion people on this planet doesn’t make much of a difference. There is still a lot of people on this planet anyway.

Who knows?

Not to get superstitious or anything but I have a feeling for some reason something like this was bound to happen anyway. I mean, seriously you put together a large population near or next to disaster prone areas, you’re just asking for a heap load of bodies to bury.

So yeah.

What’s done is done. Now isn’t any time to grieve or anything like that but to do what you know you can to help out should you choose to do so. I can almost smell more deaths to claim more people along the way follow by the months of suffering by those affected. So what can I do? Nothing. I can donate blood seeing its about time I donated blood anyway.

But…that’s about it.

Living areas are leveled. Human lives and livelihoods are lost. Some scars will never heal on land, body and even mind. But hope, faith and will of the human spirit will never die as long as people keep moving on trying to live their lives in spite of what happened.

That is something that matters to me.

So yeah…I’ll give them something that I don’t demand for myself. I will not give them pity and condolences. I will not give them something that does not do them any good. Give to them in the spirit of what matters.

The respect, pride and faith that they will need to build their lives again.

It’s the least you can do.

It’s what I can do.

It’s what I’m doing.

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