Practical Magic

If you asked me right now whether of not if I believe in magic. I can tell you straight up, no, I don’t. I am a person of science. I was born with the heart of it and I was raised with the spirit of it. It’s a world of beauty that I have always appreciated and admired. It’s a world where I have stood by and just held in my hand secrets that I would probably spend the rest of my life trying to unlock.

It is the world I world I have always lived in.

Then again…if you were to ask…have I ever believed in magic?

That of course…is another story.

I think the question that I should be asking myself is…when did I ever stop believing in magic? What is magic in the first place? A card game? Definite…but I don’t think that’s the right answer. A trick and a sleight of hand? True as well…but I doubt that’s what it really means.

When I was a kid, I guess that everything in the world was magic. The science that I know and loved…before I knew what it was and how everything worked. That was magic. The belief that some things in this world could be so…mysterious. That there are things in this world that were always enchanting and consuming. From the smallest insect to the largest storms. From the simplest of handshakes to the most complex of love.

That was magic.

That was the magic I believed in.

Come to think of it, it hasn’t really changed much hasn’t it? Even with knowing what the simplest insects are or how love works in our head. Even knowing things that people claim destroys that mystery…destroys that magic…but ironically enough, there is always that trace of something enchanting there a trace of that consuming pull that envelops me everytime I look into things knowing exactly what it is.

Maybe magic isn’t about the things you see or touch, but…it’s about the things you feel and the things you sense. It’s about the small miracles of things that happens simply because you believe it to be true. It’s about the reality that alters because your perception of it changes. Things like how courage can give you unbelievable strength and how fear can poison your mind.

Maybe that’s magic.

It makes sense.

At the beginning of this post if you asked me if I believed in magic, I would have given you the answer no. If you asked me at the end of this post whether I believe in magic yet. I would still give you the answer no. Why? Because like I said at the beginning of the post, I place my faith in the science that has given me so much to change the way I see world and create the small miracles with my own bare hands.

Science for the better part of it…is my magic.

But it’s science.

I guess that makes it practical magic after all.

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  1. I dun belief in magic as well but sometimes i just cannot figure out how some magics are done!

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