Putting The Seat Back To Its Upright Position

“It feels like I’ve never left.”

“Yes and the past 4 months has just been one long dream I could not wake up from.”

But all dreams, good or bad have to end one day. We wake up only to find comfort in the things we hold onto the most. Sometimes we wake up only to find ourselves clutching nothing at all, our hands as empty as the dreams we struggled to wake up from.

Yet in moments like that, maybe what remains in emptiness still is part of that neverending dream. Maybe what we have to wake up to will always be the comforts that tell us it’s going to be alright.

Some days though, no matter what I do, I cannot believe that those nightmares will end. But for once, at least for today and these short months ahead, the bad dreams have come and gone. There is nowhere left for the twilight shadows to hide in the morning sun. Some days like these days, I do believe and that doesn’t just make all the difference.

It shapes all the beginnings.

3 thoughts on “Putting The Seat Back To Its Upright Position

  1. Well personally I like Tequila and Jim….or Jack…MIdori now and again. ^.^

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