What Is The Meaning Of Your Life?

Quofda comes up with some great questions some days. Today is no exception. In this case, what is the meaning of my life?

For years, I’ve struggled with this question. I’ve read. I’ve talked. I’ve done walkabouts with my own fragile state of mind for weeks and months trying to make sense of that ultimate question we can only ask and answer ourselves. What is my purpose for being here? Maybe I already have my answer and this is it.

For as long as I can remember, I have always asked questions. I have a curiosity that cannot be satisfied no matter what the answer is. Always one more “why?”. Always one more explanation. The eternal scientist. Never stopping to find out the absolute answers to the absolute questions.

For as long as I can remember, I have always extended my hand to others. As selfish as I am, I can never turn away from a call of help. Regardless of the events and history that transpired, whatever knowledge and experience I have gained in my lifetime, I offer as a second option. An alternate solution to those in need. The friend in need. Always there trying to make a difference in those that matter.

For as long as I can remember, I have always pushed for the limit. Always fixing what’s broken. Always tweaking what isn’t broke. I could never walk away from a puzzle I haven’t solved. I could never walk away from something I know could be better. If someone said it can’t be done. I’d show them that it’s always possible despite the odds. The gambling builder. Always blurring the limits between improbable and impossible.

The point is, these parts of me. It’s not something that someone told me to do. It’s not something I picked up along the way. It’s just the person that I am. It is who I am in all eventuality. I searched high and low to find the purpose in my life to discover that I didn’t need to search high and low for a purpose to my life.

Whether I’m exploring answers to questions that haven’t been asked or helping someone in need or changing things for the better, those are my purposes. That is the meaning of my life. No matter what direction I choose, no matter what road I take. I know that as long as they are paths that walk hand in hand with the me that I now know to be me, I will never feel lost in the sea of an empty existence.

So today, I live to redefine this world. To understand, to help, to reshape. This is my purpose. This is my meaning. This is my life.

5 thoughts on “What Is The Meaning Of Your Life?

  1. That’s quite a mantra to live by. As for me, I don’t ponder the question. Life is fluid and doesn’t have to have a meaning.

  2. Life is fluid alright, but I guess there comes a time in everyone’s life where they need it to have some meaning. Mid-life crisis come early if it must. Better before than later. 🙂

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