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No matter how you look at it now, you can’t deny the unescapable fact about one thing. Blogging has become popular…cool even. It has become what was the stale static webpages of last decade was to a lot of people…something that’s “in”. Something hip to those of us who can at least connect to it. In short, it has become a fad of the largest magnitude.

But something isn’t right.

Don’t get me wrong, I mean blogging has become one of the net’s most widespread form of expressing one’s thoughts and opnion. When people realised they could go online and just rant away whatever that is on their mind, blogging literally exploded into the world. You got people coming out the the net-illiterate woodwork just so they could get into the ballgame to want to be heard…want to be notice.

And that is what worries me.

This is different from the time I wrote about the responsibilities of blogging. While that dealt with the responsibility of more senior bloggers who use blogs as a form of dispensing information, my worry deals with the other bulk of blogs out there who are in it solely because they want to be popular. As a result, the net has become increasingly choked with blogs that are no more than “what-I-did-today” posts and hate posts wrapped together in a pretty java script and pictures of one’s self for the sake of garnering as many hits and comments to their site.

Now I’ve been blogging for a long time. Not as long as some of my friends especially those who introduced me to blogging, but in all my years of writing my blog, I’ve figured out the reasons why people should come read my blog.

1. There are no reasons.
2. See above answer.

That’s right, I’ve got no reason to give for you to visit my blog, so whatever reasons you come and read my posts are entirely your own. Whether you like to stare at my layout or just to enjoy my writing or even if you felt compelled to click on my link. It shouldn’t matter much to me as long as I know you enjoyed reading my posts as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Fine, it’s understandable that we’re all narcissists whether we like it or not, I mean I like it when a posts I put effort to writing gets a lot of hits (like the blogathons I have before), but there is a fine line between narcissism and something I don’t really have a word for…something more than just drives people to crave all the attention out there. Fine, I blog a lot to find reassurance in my life, but to disregard any trace of sensible content and compare that you had more hits and comments than some of the people you know for the sake of it.

To say “I’m blogging because I want attention“.

Something about that is just…it goes against all the rules I know of blogging.

I don’t have to tell you that it’s just wrong on so many levels.

So yeah…like all fads, a lot of people completely miss the point why it’s done and concentrate on the fact it has become a popularity contest. Personally my only rant here is that I cannot wait for this blogging fad to die off so that us veterans can say we were here first before blogging became cool.

I know I’ll keep blogging because I need to keep the memories I have right here. This is a record of my life and if you find a sense of empathy towards the roads I have taken, I thank you for that even though I may not know who you are.

The bottom like is this.

Blog because you’re writing who you are.

Not for anyone else.

But who you are.

That is its soul…and those true to it will find more than any hits and comments can give.

10 thoughts on “Reasons To Read My Blog…

  1. Thoughtful, and deep – this is how I would describe your blog and this is why I am visiting your blog. Keep it up, and have a great day! 

    Posted by Andreas

  2. going to irritate you, me being the one who pushed u to start the blog…



    Posted by minishorts

  3. Ok fine…think unwritten rules of conduct then. How bout that Miss Smartypants…:) 

    Posted by Edrei

  4. Ed, I’m kinda offended when you say “what-I-did-today” blogs are for attention whores. My original intent was that it was for my friends and my friends only, since most of mine is scattered across Labuan, and even as far as Russia. I didn’t mind the attention, but despite the PPS banner, I don’t really ping anyplace at all, unlike some people I can name *snigger*. Networking links between friends are excluded.

    Haha… anyways, who cares if those people who blog simply because it’s ‘in’ creates it anyway? The ones who actually last with the habit and are truly true to its principles will stay, and they will be gone. Why the fuss? Lighten up, Ed they don’t really do any harm.

    It’s a free world after all :) 

    Posted by Chibster

  5. Chibs…you really got to start learning to read posts properly before saying anything. I never said they are all attention seekers, I said for the sake of seeking attention.

    Two very DIFFERENT context altogether.

    Besides…you don’t really blog much remember? There is more to the blogosphere than you realise and it’s not just me saying it. It’s a whole bigger world out there. 

    Posted by Edrei

  6. Good advice; I feel pretty much the same way about my blog, although I can’t say I’ve been doing it for years (although my wikis stood there for a year unchanged except by me, and I didn’t mind). Anyone looking for a reason for people to read their blog had better have either some really good topical content, or be ready for a reality check.

  7. In a way we’re all attention seekers. But that shouldn’t be the sole reason for why we blog. It’s ok if we get a little feedback to our posts…it’s bad if hits are all you want for posts that say you had noodles for lunch. 🙂

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