That Religious Sort-Of Rant

It’s been a long time since I felt the need to talk about belief and religion, but with everything that’s been going on in and around my life, I think it warrants another look see.

Yet, sitting down here trying to muster up enough rage to slap religion in the face with doesn’t seem to be washing down well with the amount of stupidity that’s been flying around of late. It not that there isn’t anything to rant about with philosophy ridden friends becoming annoyingly Bible preachy because they’re suddenly “born again” or Malaysia doing the shits again with…with…some stupid things they do “in the name of Islam”. It’s just that when I washed my hands of religion, I expected something more…brainy to rant about than just silly things people do for a single belief.

Even so, its got to make you worry that such insanity is prevalent in all aspects of life. For the sake of staying the course of whatever they belief, people are willing to ignore or attack everything else that disagrees with their train of thought, even if it could one day save their life. But being where I am now, the personal war on belief will have to wait. Just as it takes time for good things to happen, it also takes time for knowledge to supercede ignorance and for that I am definitely not prepared to fight on that level.

So, yeah…so much for a full on rant about religion. If I could muster up enough emotions to feel something about it, I would. But right now it really isn’t worth it at all. There are better things to do in the mean time than tattoo yourself all over people who have taken a leave of their senses. In the mean time, enjoy that hilarity, it’s better than having your blood pressure steam because of it.

A whole lot better.

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