Save Me

How do you save someone who protects the parts most hurt from the eyes of the world?

How do you stop the duality that is both extreme opposites of one another?

How do you start believing that everything is alright when you don’t know what alright really means?

How do you stop yourself from pulling the trigger of the gun when it’s aimed right into your heart?

8 thoughts on “Save Me

  1. Probably because it’s the underlying question that all of us ask ourselves in our lowest of moments.

    There is never certainty in this world. You can only try.

  2. Wuching: Of my thoughts? Yes.

    Chibster: There are always certainties. It’s whether we can work them out or not, that’s the question.

    KwangErn: That’s easier said than done isn’t it?

  3. Knowing what to do is one thing, yes…

    So, the next step is really do it. Just do it (Nike tm), don’t think. The beginning is always hard, but it gets easier when you just do it.

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