Something More Important Than Now

Well being that everyone’s all smart all a sudden due to this delightfuly amusing controversy. I thought I might have something smart to say too.

Seeing that we’re all so civic minded enough to care about the less able bodied. Seeing that we love Malaysia so much. Then why don’t I see bloggers fervently writing to the government to set up ramps at the LRT stations?

Why don’t I see the kind of support many of you have against what someone said about disabled toilets directed to our own soil…which incidentally lacks many of the facilities that the handicapped needs? Why don’t we make stickers of support, fervently mail to the right authorities, and then blog their responses too?

Why do we have to weed a garden in someone else’s backyard when our garden has weeds of its own?

8 thoughts on “Something More Important Than Now

  1. because it’s not fun to write to the authorities i guess. 😛 and i think we love the kids in that country that we do the ppl in our bolehland.

    yippee yay yay

  2. Well, with all due respect to those bloggers who jumped onto the bandwagon over the recent hoohah, Talk Is Cheap But Action Speaks Louder Than Words.

    Agreed with your sentiments, Edrei.

  3. coz there’s absolutely no point in that…we’re lucky if they even keep our letters for filing!
    and with ministers like the one suggesting a Menteri Toilet post, how is this country receptive to constructive criticisms?

  4. So the logic here is…because we never actually made an actual mass effort to really push for our own country…we should be nosy in other countries? Somehow that’s very familiar.

  5. Anu,
    Believe me they do keep those letters. Every letter they receive is accounted for, priority set and filed. If according to their logic, it warrants attention, they will respond. Otherwise it will be kept in cold storage. If more people write in, they will definitely have to look into it. That is how the bureaucracy works.

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