The Blindly Believing World…

Going back to what I said two days ago, its amazing how people’s fanatism can blind them from the other things in life. How people can stop to open their minds to the infinite possibilities of life. How can they stop and appreciate what they see and have when they can’t even stop and see who they are? It’s one thing to say that religion and pseudosciences can corrupt a person into not thinking for themselves. But what beefs me is that even science itself is never far from such corruption.

As people of science, we’re supposed to open our minds to even the possibility that maybe science itself can be wrong. True science itself is built upon repairing errors in our theories by exploring roads that are logical…even if they haven’t been taken yet. So what happens when science itself becomes blinded on its own superiority? What happens when the scientist themselves stopped exploring the possibility that their own theories and speculations are faulty to the least? Wouldn’t that be the same as the blind fanatism we see in religion these days?

That’s what scares me. If even science can be corrupted in this way…won’t that mean that the problem lies not in the ideas or beliefs that we take up. But the problem lies in us? How many scientists have been corrupted this way. I know even Einstien had this problem as it took a long time for him to even accept the possibility that the Steady State Matter Creation theory was wrong and that the Big Bang was a more logical sound idea. That’s just the famous one…what of the many scientists out there, blinded by their own emotions, unable to see the logic that something could be wrong in what they theorise.

I’m not debasing science as flawed. Believe me…I still say religion is a bigger culprit to this crime. I’m just saying that there is a line in being sceptical to new possibilities and accepting them as valid ones. You can’t go far from that line. In fact…its always good to be ON that line. I just wish people could just wake up and start testing and questioning what they wade into before taking it on. It’ll definitely make things a little more productive for all of us. No more blind belief, no more pseudoscience that takes advantage of the ignorance of people. No more self-righteous scientists who inhibits rather than promotes the progress of science.

Oh won’t that be the perfect world…too bad most of us won’t be here to even see it…but it’s just a possibility…:)

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