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As a testament to the neglect on this blog, a payment SNAFU kinda snowballed into the loss of not just this blog, but other blogs that were hosted under the same account. When I first realised the issue, I expected myself to explode into a ball of woe. Yet, despite the face that you see right here, that feeling never came. In fact, I felt…fine.

I was okay, despite facing the reality that more than 10 years worth of near constant blogging gone in an instant. For anyone in the know, this is a new feeling for me to be okay with things that go south when I don’t have a plan for it. This new reality happens to be one where instead of a young adult trying to come to grips with a world that has the potential to be everything and nothing at once, I’ve become this somewhat responsible spouse who happens to be a father of a newborn child.

To put it simply, everything I did and lived through in the past was cool and all, but its testament isn’t in the history of words that were written over the years. It’s what I’ve accomplished here and now, and what I hope to accomplish further down the road.

It really is very Zen of me. Kudos to that, you don’t have to read my past (as entertaining as some of them are) to appreciate what’s been said here.

Of course, all this would have sounded a lot cooler if this were the first post with everything wiped clean, but given I am a stickler for my own backups, I managed to restore most of what I’ve written. So what do I do now that the blog has come back into focus again? Write? Maybe? Facebook, Twitter and even my own recently ventured handwritten journals seem to be filling in that void. That actually presents an opportunity to expand on what I’ve been doing for the past few years, photography.

So I’ll do just that. Come to think of it, with a kid an all, it’ll be a much faster way of putting down a thousand words. Now there’s some adaptability for you.

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