The Choice Between Standing Tall Or Run Screaming

ChickyBabe’s latest post made me pose the question that I have been going over in my mind for quite some time now. When you stand between the person that will never exist anywhere else in the world, the person that you share an unusual connection with as soulmates and the person whom you lust after but care as much as the best and older friendships can get. Do you stand where you are? Fighting to keep the delicate balance between your own sanity and not ruining the good things in your life?

Or do you run away screaming in fear realizing the horror of the plight?

Given the choices, many would say run away as far as you can. But what about you? What would you do?

2 thoughts on “The Choice Between Standing Tall Or Run Screaming

  1. I would think long and hard about what I want long term, and make a decision based on that. And learn to live with it. It may take a while to make that decision, but it is worth the sanity.

  2. Sticking to one choice is one thing. It’s that life often gives us reasons to deviate from what we want. This chapter in my life is just part of it.

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