The Closest You Could Come To Universal Truth

If you’re a regular reader of my life, you’d know that despite my frequent bouts of depression and melancholy, I’ve always maintained that no matter what life throws at us (or me for that matter), we (I) have just got to take it the only way is can be taken, one day at a time. I always thought that it holds true for everyone in life facing everything that they could possibly face. I still stand by that thought.

If such an ideal were to exist, the “one day at a time” philosophy is the closest thing to a universal truth that I can ever figure out. Regardless of who you are or what you do, whether it’s the bliss and joy or the pain and heartbreak of the moment, the only way you can experience it, the only way you can deal with it, is by living it out one day at a time. Even if you forget this in your moments of happiness, it’s something to constantly remind yourself in your darkest hours. It’s how I’ve survived all this time. It’s how I stayed sane.

I say this now because things are starting to look up, at least for a while. What was a future uncertain, is now a future with some light pointing in a singular direction. I was scared. I was paralysed. I didn’t know what to do but what I could do, which is stepping up to the plate and biting off as much as I could stomach, even if it was a nibble of the moment. I may not be out of the woods yet, but it’s certainly a burden off my shoulders. There is no doubt in my mind that there is still more to deal with as time goes by, but at least for now, I am free to do what I do best. I am no longer paralysed in fear.

That day has passed. Today is what I’m living for the moment. Tomorrow will be another day to deal with.

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