The Clouded Path Of This Blog

Introspection is often your own worse enemy, especially when those are the only thoughts you have. Guest blogging for Lorelle has reminded me of one important thing. “You can’t always put a schedule on blogging”. Being that what I write about it always driven by my feelings and thoughts of the moment, having press myself for that next good post only finds myself trapped in the still waters of a departed muse.

It’s one thing to realize that the quality of your work goes up and down with the days, but it’s another to do the same thing in place of someone else. While you can do a half-assed job and get away with it, there are always consequences to actions like that. Besides, I’m too much of a responsible person to let quality slip. Like I said, introspection is it’s own worse enemy.

Yet, despite everything that’s happening at once, I have to remind myself that I have no obligation to blog, at least for other people. While some things need to be fulfilled, the end result would always be my own convoluted distractions laid out here to dry. Whatever the topic may be, at least they have a point, more to it, they have a purpose. It might not always be clear to those that read it, but it will always be clear to me.

Always…that is, until now.

Maybe it’s time to take a step back and find myself again. Maybe it’s time to stop and look back at the larger picture. At least before everything else stops making sense. At least before the last bastion of my sanity becomes a collection of meaningless words. I wouldn’t want it to come to that.

5 thoughts on “The Clouded Path Of This Blog

  1. Must be too much time at Lorelle’s. 🙂 Everything there is brilliant, constructive, useful, sensible, and very challenging. But there’s so much that needs to be thought about. It’s been kicking me in the head all day. Blogging, real blogging, is a phenomenal juggling act. Far easier to write a novel, I think. As for a little too much introspection, if you can’t get out of your head you can always talk to the bartender.

  2. Not a pub person as always, instead contending with the collection of drinks I can find in the comforts of my own home. It’s just too many things on my mind to focus on one single thing to blog about. Great for life…bad for something specific.

  3. That was really good stuff on Lorelle, Kami. Hope this gives you some encouragement. But I know what you mean. Taking a step back is necessary sometimes. It makes those times when you put yourself forward that much more valuable. 🙂 And refreshed.

  4. It’s just that there is one more post I meant to write before the month ends and all the words are at the back of my head trying to get out. I just can’t seem to put it down. Thanks for the words of encouragement anyway. 🙂

  5. From someone who has done a fair share of introspection, it only helps if it sets your eyes on the future. Too much introspection leads to melancholy. Much more exciting (and uplifting) to make plans and realise them. My 2 cents :).

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