The Clueless Current State Of Affairs

Ever since I got back here, I’ve been really really disconnected from the news back home. It’s that out of sight, out of mind thing that just puts my mind far away from the state of news in Malaysia.

Minishorts thinks that’s unbecoming of me, since well…apparently since I happen to be considered to be one of the people who knows a thing or two about blogging, I should at least be informed enough not to look like an idiot when other people discuss about current affairs. There is just one problem though.

When it comes to local current affairs, I am an idiot. That happens to be no secret. It’s the reason why I tend to avoid such topics altogether unless it directly relates to me…which it rarely does. I mean, I like to listen to the rest of you people talk about it and on many occassions make yourselves seem smarter than you are (because come on, that’s what blogging does to us), but that’s as far as I go.

Situations like this are, for me at least, dangerous territory to thread into. Politics while important, isn’t exactly a science in the sense that what you see is what you get and the rest of the world is black and white. Things like religious nuts who can’t laugh at themselves or hypocrisy in the freedom of press, are very very subjective. We have an opinion of it one way or another, but arguing against people who (very loudly) protest against things that they see no other side is going to be an argument in which you’re only going to come out with a major headache and no real progress one way or another.

Now seeing that I already suffer from migraines, I don’t think I’m masochistic enough to ask for more reasons to give myself a splitting headache from situations like this. I already think that politics in general or at least situations that turn political is just the prostituition of intellect. There really isn’t much substance there, just a lot of hot air from people who people too engrossed in whatever makes them happy (or in this case, pissed off) to see the bigger picture of things.

So that being said, I’ll just keep doing what I’ve always been doing. Keeping tabs on the things that people are all on about back home. Whether it may be cartoons, newspapers or righteous sex on some girls’s mobile phone. I don’t have time to invest in things like that, so I wont. I’ll leave that for the rest of you. Maybe one day, I’ll chip in something smart. But the only thing smart I can say right now is that I won’t comment on things I don’t know. That’s as as good as it can be for a person who knows a thing or two about blogging.

3 thoughts on “The Clueless Current State Of Affairs

  1. I have topics that I don’t comment on or discuss in blogs, politics and current affairs being two. It’s nice to have a break from stuff you find in the news!

  2. We definitely need a break from it ChickyBabe, the thing is…over here, people blog about it more than it is reported in the news. No one needs another similar or opposing opinion especially when it comes from people like me who tends to look utterly clueless about it. 🙂

  3. I am one of those who write about them, sad isn’t it?

    But rather than to add no opinion and fight over it with others, I try to make objective observations (my journalistic side) but of course… I DO get carried away sometimes… read about my latest rant about Malaysia not screening “Brokeback Mountain” while Indonesia does!

    But generally, I try not to care about how stuff like politics and current affairs are in Malaysia…unless it involves topics that I am passionate about like say…movies, education and social issues.

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