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Every so often, those of us that have been blogging for quite a (long) while find it hard to just…deal with all the mass produced blogs out there. We lose focus over what we are blogging for and get lost in the constant mess of blog wars, popularity contests and other crap. With all that, it’s not uncommon to feel almost disillusioned about blogging anyway.

So in the recent spirit of memes and confessions, I’m kinda ressurecting an old questionaire. It doesn’t really ask the question of why we blog. What it does ask is why we read other people’s blog. Maybe at the end of it, this whole mess of a blogosphere will start to make some sense to me.

When and why did you start your daily reads list?
I think it was about 6 months into blogging that I started to have blogs I regularly visit. I guess I was really trying to get into the hang of blogging. They weren’t many blogs back then and after I got comfortable with blogging, I thought it would be better to make friends through blogs which why I visited them as often as I could.

Do you truly visit your daily reads DAILY?
Back then? No. I’m wasn’t the most blog sociable person in the world and for the most part most of them didn’t blog everyday so it wasn’t worth visiting every day. Now, yeah I do visit my daily reads daily. For the most part…several times a day.

Why do you add these people as your daily reads?
Because I want to laugh at their catatonic stupidity. No really, one of my daily reads IS so that I can laugh at the sheer stupidity of people. But for the most part, it’s because I like to read them. They make me think, they make me laugh and they give me ideas. They keep me updated and informed over the things I would like to know. With all that in mind, how could I not add them as my daily read?

How many people are on your daily reads?
Well…even though I’ve got a shitload of blog links over there at the sidebar, very few of them are actually true daily reads. So to date, I count 11 blogs which I visit on a daily (or hourly) basis. I told you I’m not the most blog sociable person in the world.

Have you deleted people from your daily reads, if so why?
Naturally I would. Sometimes people go on permanent hiatus. Sometimes people don’t blog as often as they used to. Sometimes and the biggest reason why I don’t visit some blogs daily anymore is that for me, they have changed in the way they blog. The reasons in which I kept visiting them before are lost maybe because they cater to a different audience or they just change their style completely. If I got no reason to read, don’t read it then.

Do you comment on your daily reads DAILY?
Of course not. Just because I visit them daily doesn’t mean that I have something to say about EVERY post. Some of my daily reads I have never commented at all. In fact…I barely comment at all in most of my daily reads.

How often do you modify your daily reads?
I’m a lazy bum. Some of my daily reads aren’t even in my blog links. Come to think of it, I think it’s about time I update them.

Do you link people on your daily reads only because they linked you?
I used to. Now I don’t anymore. Just because someone regularly reads my blog doesn’t necessarily mean I would regularly read theirs. It’s not rude or anything, it just is common sense. Like I said, if I got no reason to read it, don’t read it.

Does daily reads have special meaning to you?
Did I mention this already? I think I have mentioned this already. Of course they do. That’s why read them daily…duh.

Are your daily reads mostly female or male?
Guys. Yeah, it’s guys. Unless they are women who blog like guys or pretend to be guys. Or unless they are really hermaphrodites. Hmmm…interesting.

What do you get from reading your daily reads?
I get that sexy feeling and feel very turned on…or not. I already mentioned this. I laugh, I think, I get ideas, I get informed with things I want to know about. Throughout the time in which I have kept at my daily reads, I have learnt new writing styles, new ways of blogging, new techniques of making my life a whole lot better than it was. Above all, I have felt connected with the people I read especially those keeping personal blogs. At the end of it, I get friendship which to me is the main reason I kept on blogging for all this time.

Are you likely to read LONG blog entries from your daily reads?
I like to read and my mind doesn’t wander off that easily. So yeah. I certainly don’t mind. I’m more likely to stay at medium to long blog entries than really really short ones anyway…unless the short ones are really good.

Do you expect your daily reads to read your blog everyday in return?
Does my blog look interesting to you? No? So definitely no expectations there.

Who on your daily reads has the coolest name?
Oooh this is a toughie. If we’re talking nicks here…it would have to be IO Error. It’s a geek thing. He’s the creator and contributer to a blog I support dearly.

Who on your daily reads has the coolest layouts?
Do I have to answer this question? It would have to be Lorelle though. Don’t you think some original WordPress themes are just oh so sweet?

Who on your daily reads is most likely to comment in your blog?
Only two. Minishorts and more recently Xypre.

How many people on your daily reads are your friends in “real life”?
Just one. Minishorts

Who is the most intelligent or insightful person?
Nooo…you’re asking me to pick favourites!! Does it have to be a person? It’ll have to be Lorelle, she seems to know everything…about WordPress that is which is important for me.

Who is the least favorite/most annoying person on your daily reads?
If I have a least favourite…explain to me why would it be in my daily reads again?

Who is most likely to give you news about the world or internet?
Ahh, that would be the folks at Blog Herald. If it’s anything about blogs and the news that is related to it, that’s the place to be.

Have you ever wanted to meet people on your daily reads?
Of course. Why wouldn’t I? That’ll be cool.

Who do you admire the most?
Again with the favourism. That would have to be Minishorts again. After all…there is a reason why she’s been a friend for so long.

Who has an attitude problem?
What kind of attitude problem? If you mean emotionally maladjusted…ummm…can it be Minishorts again? Oh dear.

Who is the funniest?
The folks who blog at Make Stupidity History. Nothing like laughing at the sheer catatonic stupidity of humanity to cheer up your day.

Who is the sweetest?
None. Can you imagine me visiting a sweet blog? I think not.

Who is the most out-going?
Outgoing? From a bunch of bloggers who are mostly geeks and people who blog about blogs? Right…and that is why this coveted glass trophy would have to go to…Minishorts!!

Whom can you trust the most?
Trust Minishorts to share and care. After all…of all the daily reads, we’ve known each other for a long long long time.

Whom do you know the best?
Minishorts. You can’t know a person for a very very long time without knowing a few skeletons in the closest now can we?

Whom do you talk to most online?
Minishorts followed by IO Error.

Who is the lastest daily reads you added?
Xypre after his post on free speech which linked back to my post.

Whose blog do you wish to drool all over on?
I have not at any point…engaged in sexual conduct with any blog on my daily read.

Whose blog do you enjoy reading the most?
The reason why they are daily reads is because I enjoy them in the first place. You can’t have favourites in this depatment.

You are least likely to comment on which blog(s)?
Going back to the question on whether or not I comment everyday in blogs. I can’t answer this question because I only comment when I actually find a need to comment. So there are no specifics here.

Knowing me and how I deal with things like this, I say if you want this meme and you feel like writing a really confession, go right ahead…especially to those of you who have been blogging for a very very long time, this is the meme for you. However, I’m going to make a little exception in this case. Minishorts, this meme is for you. I know you need it. Find the reason you keep doing what you do. And you know what? I think I found my reason to keep doing what I do. Go figure.

10 thoughts on “The Daily Blog Read Meme

  1. got such thing called if PPS not working, cannot blog one meh?

    OMG that is just… so… blardy… lame.

    Just do the meme adi, and if you’re lazy, don’t blame it on PPS’s down server.

  2. Yeah. You don’t have to absolutely rely on PPS for you blog. You blog because you want to. Not because you want people to know you blog. If you’re so worried about it…just blog. You can always ping PPS later. No biggie.

    People will stil read.

  3. hey i like this meme. how nice if it came a week ago when it was my blog’s 2nd anniversary. well of course, it’s not too late to do it. i will do it when i have nothing to blog or when i am not too lazy. (no, certainly not because of PPS. heck, i haven’t been pinging to PPS a few of my previous posts).

    edrei i had bought a domain and trying to get a web host and when everything is settle, i hope to run to you for help in setting up wordpress, boleh tak? what about normal website? can help oso? thanks!

  4. The meme is yours for the taking.

    Sure, of course I can help out. My command is your wish. Anything for Wordpre…I mean you. 🙂

  5. I usually post my quiz results. I haven’t done a meme, yet. Your blog may be the source of my first.
    btw: I love the penguins!!

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