The Day After Yesterday

If you’re one of those people who does celebrate the yuletide season, there is something fundamentally wrong about actually blogging during Christmas day. It’s one of the reasons why I didn’t bother writing a post to begin with. Then again I suppose it wouldn’t have made much of a difference. While my Christmas is usually spent in the company of family and friends, with me usually cooking up a feast (and not just eating it), I spent this year’s Christmas in solitude, running it like I would do any normal day.

It’s not the kind of cheer I was expecting.

Yet I suppose there are other people in the world who are alone during Christmas. People without friends or family. People without even a roof over their heads. At least I have the comforts of my every day life to fall back upon, no matter how solitary that may be. Some people aren’t so lucky. And that’s actually something to think about.

So while I might not have the chance to cook my perfect turkey or famed potato salad. While I don’t have anyone to keep my company over alcoholic drinks we don’t usually drink under normal circumstances by the bottle. I at least have something to lean on during the day and something to sleep to at night. If I really wanted the Christmas cheer, I would have given it to the people who really needed it.

Which is why, despite my day being in the company of only myself, I went ahead and donated a heap load of stuff I don’t need to charity. It’s times like this that make you realise that Christmas isn’t about you, but something bigger and more wholesome. So while I may not believe in the good word, I do at least have faith in it’s spirit. That after all is what the season should be about.

Putting a smile on someone else’s face, even if you don’t have a reason to do the same.

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  1. That’s a lovely gesture. At least it’s not all about the commercialised pressies and such 🙂

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