The Declaration Of Blogging

There are things in this world that can’t be helped. You can’t help who you are, you cant help being with the people you are with and you certainly can’t help whoever reads your blog. As much as you try to change them, you can’t…and we all know that fiddling with things that aren’t meant to be fiddled with not only gives you a headache, but it’s going to mess up the whole vibe as well.

As I have repeated so long ago in the days past when every blogger was so hyped up with the contents of their blogs. Our blogs are our own…more so when they are our personal blogs. They represent the inherent right, nay…privilege of every individual who can afford to do so, to express who they are to the whole world.

To some of the more senior bloggers, we have had to battle every adversity known to the respects of blogging. From blog apathy to government censorship, from the bias media to the hoard mentality, from the comment trolls to even our parents. Everything that stands in our way of the simple act in expressing our thoughts, our feelings and ourselves to a world that has built itself on dampening passion and individuality for the sake of the common tradition. Yet you know that it does not matter. What was done, has been done and could not have been done in any other way. You know it, for you are still blogging.

To that of the personal blogger, who’s to say what is right or what is wrong? Who’s to say that what has been seen should be what is seen? Who’s to say that what has been experienced is what other people tell you that you experienced? Yes, there are boundaries to when you can say it and more importantly how you are able to say it. But in that, there are no limits in the expression of one’s self in respects to how they walk in the world and the way they see things. Your blog is your canvas of thoughts and the world you live shall be your subject. Everyone paints their picture differently.

To the world that we bloggers are a subject to be read, who’s to say that what you read is what you believe to be true? In a world that is fractured in thought, ideals, principles and belief, could what we have written be completely taken into context for what it is? Could what we write be taken into face value without asking the why’s and hows in which the blogger has drawn from? What have we done that deserves such scrutiny and critical judgement of our lives based on such a simplistic form of expression that only reflects a fragment of what we experience, think and feel? What right do you have to profess absolute knowledge of who a blogger is, thinks or feels based upon the bits and pieces that they read? What right does anyone?

We are bloggers. Our blogs are our own. We excercise the right to express our own individuality without submitting to the personal scrutiny of our characters. We excercise the right to declare our passion for our works with a sense of pride knowing that what we put down was written by our own hands. We excercise the right to be courteous and responsible enough to know where our limits stand in the eyes of the world.

I am a blogger. My blog is my own. My declaration for blogging is my own. If you don’t agree with it, you’re completely free to write your one for yourself.

8 thoughts on “The Declaration Of Blogging

  1. Well said. I always advocate for freedom of speech on one’s blog, and if I don’t like reading it, there’s always the x button. Besides, blogs only afford readers a restricted vision into someone’s life and thoughts. they’re never the complete picture.

  2. Sashi, Lionel: It’s about some things we have to fight for to keep the freedom we blog. Or rather…someone we have to deal with.

    ChickyBabe: Unfortunately on our little side of the blogosphere, people don’t always follow that rule as ideal as it is. They never close the window and they would rather judge you absolutely based on what you have written.

    Pat: You really got no time to comment issit? 😛

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