The Definition Of My Blog

Over the years, my blog has seen many things. The countless layout changes, the tales of sadness and misery. The unexpected bouts of pure bliss and laughter. The endless hours of thoughtful musings. More recently, the dedication and focus towards the one thing that has probably given me a new lease to blogging. Blogging about blogging and my speciality that damn well saved my love for blogging – WordPress.

With that leaves me at a fickle, where do I stand in this blogosphere? Am I still the same ol blogger that talk about his own road in life? Or have I become the blogger that’s set to give back to the blogging community what he gained from his time blogging. The answer is…definitely that I am still the same ol blogger.

I know some of you that have been following my blog for a very very long time find it hard to just swollow all this about blogging and WordPress and stuff like that. It’s just that when you come to think of it, some of you were mighty concerned about the fact I was extremely depressed and melancholic in the weeks months following my own breakup.

Focusing on one thing that had nothing to do with what I felt or what happened was what kept me more or less a little sane…maybe not in real life but at least in the posts that I have been writing down. So in a big way…it’s still me with another step in the road of life. It’s just not really obvious anyway. For that, I’m really sorry for those of you who didn’t like the shift in topic

But now that I’m more or less back to my same dysfunctional self, where do I go from here? Do I stop talking about blogging and WordPress and go back to the rants, thoughts and insanity that is of my own life? No definitely not.

Why? Because like all the rants, thoughts and insanity, blogging and WordPress have become a large part of my life too. Because it is the other niche in my blogging life that I go to should I feel the need to escape the drudgery of the small (though meaningful) blogosphere I exist in. Because from what I have focused myself on recently I have found more purpose and accomplished deeds than I have just writing about my own life. That…and also because I’m too damn lazy to change my header again so I might as well blog about blogs and WordPress anyway.

At the end of it despite everything, my blog has always been my blog. Although it has not always been what some people have found agreeable, it’s always been about what I like, what I do and what I think. The only thing that has really changed over the years is the way I’ve been writing it all down. But aside from that, everything has it’s own place exactly where it should be.

If there were a definition to my blog, I know it would be one thing and one thing only. It’s my footsteps in the mirror of life. Doesn’t matter how it looks like. It’s still a reflection of who I am. I think that pretty sums it up don’t you think?

3 thoughts on “The Definition Of My Blog

  1. Whatever it is you’re doing … Be it blogging, or whatever … As long as you’re being true to yourself. 😀

    By the way, I’ll have to say that you’re one of the few pretty good bloggers out there … Your posts have huge tinges of honesty in them. 😉

  2. I like this post very much. and I have decided that i’ll write ” the defination of my blog” and will post it there. I hope you won’t mind that. You can visit my blog at

    Moreover if you have time would you please guide me how can i improve my blog especially the interface ( i dont know technical stuff a lot )
    keep smiling and keep posting


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