The Determined Smile

Over the past few months, I’ve worked hard to be happier for myself. It’s not exactly an easy thing to do when you’ve spent your entire life planning the rest of it away. The trick isn’t just about taking it easy, it’s also trusting yourself that everything works out even if your fingers aren’t deep in it.

Yet, finding out that you can be happy for yourself, doesn’t mean that others can be happy for you too. It’s a harsh world we live it that hardly anyone can appreciate the aesthetics of your own perspectives or the effort you put into to getting the things you want, the things that make you happy. It’s one thing to be happy for yourself, it’s another to have a someone share that happiness with you.

Still, even with realizing this obvious part of life, it’s a good thing I still can be happy for myself. Yeah, it can be a little depressing to know that people thrive on making other people feel miserable. It can be lonely to have not even those closest to you share in the appreciation of hard earn rewards. But the basic parts of life don’t start with other people, they end with it.

Happiness always starts from you. Whether you’re genuinely living in a yoghurt commercial or like me skewed enough to like the darker side of life. Your smile starts with your sense of self. Where everything goes from there is entirely up to you. Whether you want to spread your joy or keep it there. It doesn’t really matter what people do. After all, if you can’t get yourself down…how can anyone else do that for you?

2 thoughts on “The Determined Smile

  1. That’s very true. If someone isn’t happy for many times in a row, it’s either time to get an anti-depressant, or figure out why. But there’s nothing wrong with being on medication. Most of America is on Prozac.

  2. I think medication is seriously overrated. Prescribing something that doesn’t need to be prescribed is just well…overkill.

    Happiness or at least contentment and peace isn’t something that comes out from a pill. It’s something you have to work hard for, often stumbling along the way. Taking the simple way works as long as you’re on it. It’s just another form of reliance. I don’t think that’s not something to be happy about.

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