The Fatal Flaw Of Our Education

The finals are drawing ever closer now. I’m already starting to feel that ever choking pressure that comes with the end of the semester. I know it’s a little too late for me to have nightmares of ending my semester rather badly considering my first paper is in 4 days. Then again it’s not like I haven’t been studying all this time.

It’s just that I hate exams.

Don’t get me wrong. I like a schooling life…more so since I got here. I just don’t like the fact that in most cases, at the end of it all…how good you are is solely based on how much you can stuff into your head and spewed out at the right moment.

I’m not blaming the system. I mean…I have been in that system for way to long even though I’m not exactly the top end of the chain when it comes to memorising the scores of information that are printed on the many books and notes that is thick enough to give any man penis envy. It’s just it comes to the sudden realisation that aside for science related fields, a lot of jobs don’t exactly need you to spew out facts at the same rate you do in exams.

In fact…aside for pharmacists and doctors.

Nope…I can’t think of anything else that requires much trackback of memory.

Now, I’m not exactly the foremost expert on Malaysian education system, but personally having been through it, there is a serious flaw in the education system. I’m sure a lot of you have known for years…but to me at least…that one fundemental flaw does affect the entire future of everyone in Malaysia.

Our education system is designed to produce drones.

Yup…all those years of stuffing all those equations, facts and formulas which you may or may not need later on in life is all to prepare you to be an expendable worker who sits in a tiny cubicle for 30 odd years before he or she can retire with a measly pension.

Think about it, all the rules and structure they impose on you in school under the promote good qualities. The only thing its designed to do is train each and everyone of us to live under nothing an organized structure where we need to be told what and how to do things. Yes, I understand school is to instruct us on needful things…

But what’s so needful about a closed box?

Hasn’t anyone heard of creativity?

It’s not just for art you know.

Call it moral or call it for the benefit of us all, but telling how and what we should learn isn’t going to teach us anything that’s out there…not without a price everyone pays. If a power of the nation is built upon the knowledge that it controls, then by all means come on…you can’t built a secure power base when 3/4 of the nation need to be told to learn new things by a higher authority. To make things even worse…we learn only things “approved” by those higher authorities.

To anyone who has EVER appreciated the value of information in their life, we are sure of one thing.

Knowledge is fluidic.

Knowledge is everything.

What is there to be proud about a nation that is built upon hand-me-down technology and a large mass of people with no self vision but that of a message bordering on propaganda? Even if you forget the socio-politics of the situation for one bit.

What is your life worth when you’re never free to be all that you can be?

To me, all this business about Malaysians not coming back to work in their own country because of racism and poor working benefits is just the result of a much deeper problem.

For me at least, I would choose to work here instead of back home not because I can earn $22k a month (academicians aren’t exactly the best paid people in the world). No…I choose to work here because despite the capitalistic, commecialised bureaucracy, I can at least have the freedom to pursue my dreams and ideas without being hindered much by a system. As long as it gets the job done.

Anything goes.

But like I said in the beginning, I’m not an expert on these things. I just lived in the system long enough to know that there is something wrong with it. Long enough to pay the prices and see the prices being paid. If I had the power to do something about it, I would…but I don’t. So…bully for me.

Teach a child to chase your dreams and that’s all they will ever see.

Teach a child to chase their own dreams.

And watch them touch the stars with their own hands.

9 thoughts on “The Fatal Flaw Of Our Education

  1. Great post! And it’s good to see you sound less depressed. All the best for your finals!!

    Anyway, I agree with what you mean by the education churning out drones. I’m still one to believe that a well-rounded education with a balance of creativity and facts is the way to go. I can’t say much about the sciences as I’m no longer studying in that vein though. But I guess that once you’re equipped with enough knowledge, you can bend it to serve your will.


  2. I can sense a different air around here. 🙂

    Anyway, I think one factor is that the intellects are mostly chinese and here we are, dominating half of this country. We’ve been brought up to believe that good grades is wealth. Maybe its the hard life back in China that makes our ancestors think this way. Suffering is everywhere so the pressure to succeed is very great. Therefore, the adults pushed the youngs to study hard, hoping that their academic achievements would improve the quality of life of the family.

    My American friends commented that chinese are smart and they’re envious of that. But on the other hand, we envy their education system- where people learn by gross motor. well, grass on the other side is always greener.

    so, I agree with you Ed.

  3. Doey: Didn’t I already say that race is never a factor in this? Doesn’t have to be chinese or what not. It’s just happens to be the current education system. Anyone can keep doing that mistake, doesn’t matter who it is.

  4. of course the education system is flawed.

    we’re not taught to think. we’re taught to memorise and regurgitate. from the time we enter school, we learn that if we state anything other than “doktor” or “peguam” or “jurutera” as our ambition, we get looks of disapproval. we’re taught to follow our parents’ dreams instead of our own. we find out that choosing to arts over science is a sin. when doing project work, the emphasis isn’t on the creativity of the idea, or the dynamics of the group, or whether anyone has shown a talent that wouldn’t have surfaced otherwise; the focus is on fulfilling the exam criteria in order to get a band 1 for project work.

    all that kbkk stuff is bs. all that “all-rounded individual” stuff in s’pore is crap. nothing matters other than getting the grades. and it’s been that way for years and years and years. even when my parents were in school, which was before merdeka.

    i’m not sure exactly how this can change. it requires changing the peoples’ attitude towards education, and we all know how hard it is to change peoples’ mindsets.

    i know it’s weird for me to be saying all this, considering i’ll be studying medicine in malaysia, which means i’ll be swallowing and spewing facts for the next 5 years and will prob get good grades for doing what i’ve been doing for the last 13 years of my life. but if i’m to think beyond my studying years and into my working life, i cannot but realise that if i continue to treat education the way i’ve been treating it for the last 13 years, i’d make a pretty lousy doctor. and the world doesn’t need more lousy doctors.

    the change in attitude doesn’t start with authorities, it starts with us. once we understand early on that being safe within the box of As and credits isn’t gonna help us much as we grow older, we will change and develop into much better people. and then we’ll build a much better education system. cliche, i know, but cliches are true.

    and kami, there is nothing worse than an uncreative doctor. if pharmacists require only fact recollection, we wouldn’t have improved drugs. there’s no such thing as a person who would excel in life without being creative. and that’s the real thing that worries me. what’s gonna happen to the world if everyone were so…wooden? are we all just gonna be…mediocre??? *shudder*

  5. Jax: The way I see it. A large part of the world is just trying to keep moving on day by day. Being beyond that…it’s pretty pretty hard to find especially in our circle of the people we know. Or at least…I don’t know of any groudbreaking doctors and pharmacists that come from Malaysia…that’s the thing. 🙂

  6. well i’m gonna make sure you do know a FUTURE groundbreaking doctor. haha. so if i ever go astray in becoming one, make sure you remind me i said this. lol.

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