The Geek Code

Geek life seems to be turning into a fad these days. Unfortunately not everyone has it nailed down. Nothing is worse than seeing someone try to look like a hip geek and failing at the most basic code of one. Then again, I have never read anywhere that geeks have a code to follow. Maybe it’s just as well that we’re our own worlds, but I’ve taken some time to put down the core principle of what makes us the geeks people know and love, maybe this way, we’ll know who are the posers and who are the ones that will amount to something in their lives.

The Geek Code:

  1. Curiosity is your friend and questions are your tools. For asking the right ones in the right direction can give the the right answers to things you never even thought possible. However, like every friend or tool, you still have to be responsible around them. Otherwise, you’ll just be killing the cat.
  2. Conventional normalcy is a fate worse than death. To be normal is to be set on a path where you have no control over your life, like a leaf in a breeze rather than a sail in the wind. While it’s a hard road to take, thinking out of the box always gets people somewhere. It makes sure that you won’t spend the rest of your life being lost in the dark.
  3. Backup often. Doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing. Always have backups. It will save your life one day.
  4. Put to good use what you do best. Even if there is so much out there for you to try out. Never pretend to be what you know you can never be good at. Never use something you know you’ll end up throwing away. Focus on what you know works for you. Your best skills are on a completely different level of their own when you take it to an art form.
  5. Money walks and talk. Unfortunately in a world where resources are staggeringly huge, we all need to pay to get it. It’s one of those inescapable price for a lifestyle we know is a better choice. Even if you don’t flaunt it, you know nothing else will put a roof over your head, clothes on your back and warm food in your stomach, much less that brand spanking new entertainment system you want to complete your networked media box you built out of your own unused laptop.

Do you think anything is missing from this code? Anyone else like add anything at all?

3 thoughts on “The Geek Code

  1. Everything can be fixed in time. If you haven’t borked your computer at least ONCE in the past 6 months, you’re doing it wrong.

    Note: Humans should NOT be borked in the name of geekery. The price to repair can sometimes be too great.


  2. We live by a core series of self taught principles. Irregardless of whatever other people may think, we never (I repeat, never) stray from them. We are a bunch of utter stubborn arses. Which leads on to the next one..

    We really don’t care what other people think of us. ONLY what other geeks think of us.

  3. Naoko: Haha. My computer hasn’t really had a problem in a long long long time. I like to keep it that way. It’s a practical thing that defines being a geek anyway. Broken computer without reason, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing is usually very bad and more a wannabe than geek-like.

    Fo0ie: That’s a good one in a way, and probably one of the defining traits and downsides to being a geek. We live in our own world, at a price. We sometimes forget that most people don’t live in a world where troubleshooting what we’re good at is second nature. We’ve got to learn to speak layman every once in a while. To make sure we get off our high horses.

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