The Hippopotamus Oath

How many of us are willing to be nice to people you dislike? How many of us are willing to go as far as to help out the people we don’t like? Sometimes it can’t be helped can it? You’re in the position to do something about something, and have people you genuinely dislike ask you for help. It’s not a matter of how many of us can say no. It’s more of how many of us are willing to say yes…and stick to saying yes.

I know I know…sometimes we answer that question with a resounding “Why should I help those that can’t help themselves?”. A sensible answer no doubt, one I more than inclined to agree to. I mean, what is the point of helping people when all they do is end up messing things up over and over again? Makes sense to let these people just bleed themselves and rid the world of their stupidity (which I assume is the reason for the dislike).

Then again…there is always the other answer. One that goes like “Because I can help them.”. When you come to think of it, the world is already filled with the harsh reality that most people would just rather cut their losses, save their time and help themselves. Then you got to ask yourself one more important question…“Does the world really need more of that?”.

I’m not that naive anyway. I’ve been burnt long enough to know that the world runs on money, stupidity, selfishness and horniness. If that’s the case, then I would be pretty sure, we’d all be screwed to hell ages ago…but we’re haven’t. Not yet. I am however “naive” enough to still believe in the good of people no matter how catatonically stupid they are. That no matter how far people have pushed the boundaries of stupidity, that there is some form of…hope left that things will balance itself out. That’s where the second answer comes in.

I stand here as a person who has always sought out that second chance in life to change his own destiny. It would be hypocritical of me to deny others the same chance if possible to do some good in their lives if I am able to do such a thing. Sometimes no matter how much our prejudices and hate stands in our way, it would make little sense for us to turn our back on people that need the help we can give. Oh sure, it probably wouldn’t do any immediate good, then again…I just happen to believe in karma and suddenly my actions would make perfect sense. To me at least, I don’t know about the rest of the people who might be going “WTF?!” in their heads.

It’s just that at the end of it, life makes everything work out. It’s only a matter of being aware or not whether it’s by our hand or not. So rather than risk bigger problems arising in the future and be stuck with that load of dribble, at least this is the part where I can say I did exactly what I’m supposed to do and finished it in the way it needed to be done. What happens afterwards, after my part is done, is completely out of my hands.

I guess that’s the same reason why I took the Hippopotamus Hippocrates Oath even though I’m no doctor. To help people no matter who they are or what they have done if it’s within my power to do so. To bring some good to those that need it if I have the knowledge to do so. To balance out the utter crap filled void we called reality should I have the ability to do so.

So yeah, I am willing to put aside all hate and prejudices to help people that need the help I can give. There is nothing noble or good in being part of the wheel which makes sure the scales don’t tip over the deep end. It’s just something that has to be done. The question still remains, could any one of you say the same for yourself?

6 thoughts on “The Hippopotamus Oath

  1. no oh i’m prejudiced liddat and i can’t help it so NO i won’t help nemesis… unless they’re worth helping. it’s pointless when yo ucome to think of it. you’re hardly appreciated everytime, and when you know you WON’T really be appreciated or respected, why bother?

    you only have so much in you, edrei 😀

  2. Yeah, I like to be appreciated…who doesn’t? 🙂 But it isn’t about the appreciation anyway that it should be done. Besides…karma right? And yeah, I have my limits. I may forget them…but I have friends that remind me not to cross them too much. 🙂

  3. helping an enemy. hmm. i’d help them if they came grovelling. ahaha. and then i won’t let them forget it! *evil grin*

    nola, am studying medicine so must at least start emulating the stuff in the hippocratic oath right? i believe in helping people too, regardless of who they are. it’s just that little bit harder when you hate that person’s guts or just wanna punch them when you see them.

    and i’m not gonna pretend otherwise.

  4. I’m sure you’re aware that the Hippocampus Hippocrates cane be said to also be the Hypocritical Oath, right?

    For me, not something I practice too often. At the very least… I’m supposed to be professional, even when working with someone I don’t.

    And it’s interesting to see that the first three commentors on your blog are girls. XD

  5. Hypocritical? Not that I know of and well…it’s only hypocritical when you really don’t believe what you’ve just pledged.

    Girls ah? Really? Ahh…tells you something there doesn’t it?

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