The Hypocritical Age…

Why is it in our society today, age is always looked about to be proportional to the amount of maturity and responsibility one person is supposed to take? Why is it in our society, no matter how much some of the younger generation age so fast and how much of the older generation stay so…young, it’s always the numbers that everyone looks at?

Why can’t we see otherwise?

I don’t know as I wrote before in one of my last posts, I just happened to be one of those kids who grew up too fast. Never having anyone in the family or friends the same age who would play with me so I always stuck around with older people…listening and growing faster than people my own age. Then again…in the end it’s always the older people I prefer to be with and with that comes the sense of isolation that older people see me as.

Even though I feel like I belong to people that are more…mature in mind…the truth is that in the end I’m always cast aside simply because people regard physical age as a determinant for experience and maturity.

When you look at things that way it doesn’t make sense.

There are hoards of people out there that act half their age or even a quarter their age even. Yet…they expect people to thae their word seriously simply because they lived longer than some of us newer generation.

I say it’s all hypocritical bullshit.

When you begin to realise that even if you lived so long in life, not many people actually begin to reflect the kind of life they live in. It’s not about being sheltered, it’s based on the fact that a lot of people run away from their problems in life. Hide from the issues that would otherwise hurt them…and make them stronger at the same time. So many people in the world walk a life of superficial meaning and purpose that their action dispite the things they see are as superficial as the world they live.

When you realise that…then could you consider the possibility that there are people in life who live for a shorter time yet walk down the road reflecting and learning everything they come across? People who face every adversity, every problem, every issue head on. It doesn’t matter that they bleed…it doesn’t matter that they hurt…it only matters that with each blood and tear spilled…they become better than they are supposed to be.

Couldn’t you consider that as a possibility too?

It’s just sad that a lot of people don’t really see that age is nothing but a physical illusion for maturity. It’s just sad that a lot of people aren’t treated and seen for who they deserve to be. It’s just sad that society I know lives with these standards all the time.

Maybe that’s why I really stay online so much. After all, you can’t see each other for your age, and only for the way you talk and act online. It gives me some small satisfaction to convince people that in truth I can be as old as I am in my own mind and that as long as I don’t reveal my true age, I have no age discrimination against me.

It’s just sad that I have to resort to such things.

It’s just sad I don’t have the freedom to really be who I am.

It’s just sad I haven’t eaten a proper meal in 27 hours.

Oh well…one thing at a time anyway.

2 thoughts on “The Hypocritical Age…

  1. hope u have eaten well by now…

    i want to agree with you and yet i don’t. i think i grew up too fast. i was much “older” when i was 14 than i am now at 22.

    but yet, i feel the older people do have a right to “look down” on us younger kids… because you can only learn so much from being online, you can only be as matured as you yourself sitting alone in your bedroom contemplating and philosophizing about life… in the end, what does that make you? a person sitting at home philosophizing about the meaning of life, that’s it…

    after all, we’re still kids dealing with insecurities of wating to fit in wanting to belong- them older people on the other hand, have experienced so much more…

    maybe it’s because i don’t measure maturity by how much we know/learn/studied/read/think but by how much one has experienced in a lifetime…. And them older people (especially our grampas and granmas) have sure as ever experienced way more than we have… for them to even witness how much society and the country and life itself has change is an experience that we can’t even come close to (just yet).

    You know, i always did hang out with older people and i absolutely respect and enjoy talking to them because of their ability to think SOOOOOOOOO much farther than my tunnel vision youngness allows me to. And that’s something i think you should also consider about them and not that they’re in the hypocritical age…

    I think of adults… most adults anyway, like my dad and all that, I do think they know sooooooooooo much more than i do, and they are absolutely more matured than i am. We kids, what are we? insecure, young, naive, dreamy, still looking for something in life, etc… WHat’s that compared to someone, who perhaps may have insecurites in their own ways but u know, they go through real things in life, they go through not knowing when their next paycheck is gonna come, they go through 10 years in advance finacial planning so that their kids would be able to go for college, what they go through is real, and that’s where maturity comes from, in my opinion… and not just in our own head in our thoughts.

    Having said that though, if you and me were someone who had backpacked through europe and known what it’s like to be completely lost and broke in a foreign country and live to tell our stories, then i’d say that we are more “matured” than some old 50 year old dude who has known nothing but his office cubicle his whole life.

    I think more so the hypocritical age is our (or at least MY age)… when you’re in your teens till maybe your mid 20s…. Where what’s important is an insignificant thing like self image and who you show people in the world on the outside is not who you are inside… now THAT is hypocritical.

  2. You see…there was a reason I said people who lived alot in a short span of time. You’re right…I can’t spend my life being in my room…doesn’t mean that I never went out there to live life as well…just that life…has its way of squeezing a lot into so little time for me.

    Time enough to see a lot…and deal with a lot at the same time. Then we can agree that experience…not just about how long you live determines maturity.

    So who am I?

    A person who walked on a lot of roads. Made a lot of mistakes and kept facing the consequeneces of what needed to be done. Being here in my room…is just a time off from that world in which we all live in.

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