The Little Worrywart Me You See

Yes I am a worrywart but who doesn’t already know that? Not a day goes by when I don’t have something mildly pessimistic about something followed by me stressing myself out for no absolute reason. It’s like feeling that you have to smash your head into a keyboard reading some of the most retarded posts ever in a blog but still you go back anyway for it. It’s mildly masochistic…but I’m sure there is a point to all that.

Ok I’m digressing.

The point in a nutshell is that I’m worried about two things.

  1. I have a forensics exam tomorrow after only two full days of labs.
  2. I’m worried for the state of blogging in Malaysia and that the things that should be done right now get overhyped and eventually passed over until the next big blogging crisis.

The exam…well…that can be dealt with in good time. Just a couple hours of studying, understanding what’s been done and why it was done and bob’s your uncle. It’s just me being…well…me really.

On the other hand with the subject of Pete’s blog and what he’s doing in retaliation to what happened to his blog a couple of days ago, that is a completely different story altogether. You see I’m all for what Pete’s doing and the support he’s been gettig from the likes of Jeff and Mack, I think things like this are just what we need. People who do things and act accordingly instead of laying back and watching the world pass us by. I however have my misgivings on one thing. Would anyone care about this 2 months down the road?

I know we should all let bygones be bygones but Malaysia really does have a track record of hyping everything everythig up in the first 1-2 weeks of it happening then completely forgetting about it after that. I’m sure people like Mack and Jeff are doing the best they can, but from reading other things on their blog as well, I would have to say they have their lives and other matters to pursue too. They can’t possibly handle every single legal right issue about blogging that comes their way (can they?) and hope for the best that something is done. Life doesn’t really work on magical fairy dust.

The only way I can see past this is that for some miraculous reason, other bloggers stand up not in terms of verbal support but on matters like…writing to the people who craft laws like this and say something like “Hi, I am a blogger and things like this have a bad effect on us. Can something be done to ensure we’re protected without totally giving away our rights of free speech?”.

If one or two people do it, you can pretty much be sure someone at the office will respond with “We’ll take a look into it.” and you’ll never hear from them again or probably in a very very long time. If we all and I mean ALL excercise the whole point of democracy, which is to tell whoever works these things out that something needs to be done…and on a regular basis, rest assured…someone will take notice. It’s all about the proactive masses and near stubborn persistance…but hey…no one said good things come easy. I mean I may be a little idealistic and downright optimistic about this crazy method but at least it’s an idea from what I know.

Hey for all I know Jeff and Mack may already be doing something about it like pushing the lobby for new laws which means I don’t have to worry about it and everything would indeed be fine. Then again this post is about me being a worrywart. I think I just proved my point.

7 thoughts on “The Little Worrywart Me You See

  1. What you say here, was something that needed saying. I also need to remind myself to check my enthusiasm on this issue, lest it invites bloggers to face other problems, like overzealous censorship and as such. So we as bloggers have to be careful when threading this matter. Fundamentall, we still believe in the freedom one to express hig opinons and grievances online. What we want to avoid is irrational and possibly damaging content online. Lives, yes … lives are at stake. An anonymous party could easily spread lies and baseless rumours online, and what would happen then?

    I promise you, if we can keep the momentum up, we will persevere. But like you observed, this is not about Jeff Ooi or Mack Zulkifli. This is about Malaysian internet, Malaysians on the internet and Malaysians who must learn to use the internet positively, so that other Malaysians will trust the internet.

    Brilliant take Edrei. Hat’s off.

  2. Ha ha ha! Only now you notice?

    Don’t you realize? The Malaysian blogging communities have had regular cycles of panic-ennui-panic-ennui, and we’ve had them since… oh, geez,1999.

    Worrying about them is like worrying about hurricanes if you live in North Carolina. You can prepare for them, you can act on them when they happen, but worrying about them will only kill you of stress.

    Take a look, boyo! It’s there. We don’t need other people to give drama in our lives, we make our own drama, like the gathering of moral panic and hysteria-generating drama queens we are!

    Oh, yes, society is changing because of the rapid increase of information and opinion. But who spearheads it? Blogs? Pull another one, it’s got bells on.

    That’s why I find Mack and Jeff’s obsession about making blogging ‘relevant’ so hilariously misguided. Blogging is already as relevant as it can already be, and as responsible as they can get. You want more you’re going to need to take a step back and see how the Even Bigger picture.

    Yes, we are in a time of transition, but it’s never as simple as you’d think it should be.

    Oh, and Mack? There is no ‘we’. There is me and you and you and you and you ad infinitum… but no ‘we’.

  3. Umm…a lot of people already know Malaysia’s attitude towards overhyping and shortchanging it later on. It just is. But like I said though…I’m a worrywart…thats what I do…I worry. It’s like banging your head against the monitor after reading a catatonically anal post and doing it again the next day but hey…at least you end up doing something about it.

  4. Yeah. Like get an ulcer. Or weep for Malaysia. Or dramatize. God, do what? If it bothers you so much then stop reading blogs and go out and do something.

    Blogging and reading blogs, I’m very sorry for those who don’t know, are palliatives for action. And yes, that’s what I do, and I’m sorry for you if you don’t already know it.

    I received two long-assed emails from someone today, and I’ve taken the liberty of printing the rants out, because I’ve got shit to do today and I’m not going to fucking lug my laptop around.

    You’ll have to bear with my goddamn swearing, and for that, I fucking apologize.

  5. Is it going to end up that unless I take legal action on seditious comments made in my blog (even after I remove it), legal action will be taken against me? So, it’s either he goes, or I go?

    Imho, what we are really forgetting is that there is has been no legal precedent for this matter in Malaysia. Even for the recent case in Singapore, the forum administrators and moderators were not implicated, only the authors.

    So why then, are we unduly worried? We are very right to say we must be vigilant and exert self-regulation and censorship over our blogs and against malicious commentators, and for sure we can sue in cases libel and slander, if the need be. But we shouldn’t lose sleep over it.

    I believe in Malaysia, all this started with a threat of legal action against Jeff. I’m unclear of the details, but maybe someone can explain to me if the threat actually held water?

    As for this lovely blogosphere, I must say bloggers sometimes forget that although it’s gaining wider readership and popularity, most of the people out there are blissfully aware of blogs, much less the bloggers. Of the 10 middle-aged people I asked if they knew a certain Jeff Ooi, 9 answered, “Jeff who?”

  6. Well…I don’t know about we being worried. I know I’m worried. Then again I’m always worried. I have stomach ulcers because of it…but nothing as far as I lose sleep over something that has to do with the blogosphere.

    Though you are right about no legal action…then again, I don’t whether the Visa case or the Fitness First case being constituted as a legal action as well.

    As far as libel and slander are concerned…I think it’s probably due to the fact that Malaysia’s system is pretty slow in getting the hang of this tech stuff…much less the idea that information can rapidly disseminate online. I just like to be proactive to make sure that when the higher ups do stop underestimating the power of the net…we don’t get the short end of the string.

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