The Loners Of Our Lives

People need people. That’s the God honest truth of things. We may say we are more comfortable being alone. We may even say that we’re happiest to realise that we’re loners. But when you consider all that there is in life…it boils down to one sinple equation. People need people.

I’ve been a loner for a…large part of my life. You tend to learn a lot of things by the end of it. You learn to appreciate the sound of silence. You learn to appreciate the fact that you don’t have to deal with a lot of dolts out there who signal left then turn right. You learn to appreciate that the things in life are more efficient, more simple when there is no one around you to mess up the egular routine that you have walled yourself up under.

Then again…some things in life will make you realise that just because things are far more efficient, just because you don’t waste more time cleaning up the mess that other idiots leave behind, doesn’t mean you end up being satisfied with what you have.

I don’t know what things will make you change your mind but it’s hard for a loner to change their mindset to realise that they need people. I should know, it took me a whole series of life changing events (it was more like 3) before I realised this fact that I need people around me. But at the end of it, life itself…no matter how troublesome and painstakingly annoying to be with people…always end up with things tasting better than you can experience without people around you to share it with.

Maybe because life like all things need that sense of unpredictable chaos, that wedge in the gears to make things a little more…interesting. As loners, you’re in control of everything. You shun people because life ends up being simpler and as such…everything you do ends up by your own hands. You do things as best to your abilities…and that’s all that you can be.

People are…unpredictable really. You got complete morons, that’s for sure. Catatonic idiots that I would love to burn in a large bonfire. It doesn’t mean that you can’t have people that are worth paying attention to. People who can give you ideas worth following. People who can make things even more efficient than you have already pushed it. People who give you a reason to make things better in your life. A reason to live for more than just surviving for yourself.

Whether we like it or not, we’re all connected to people. Unless you moved yourself to an uninhabited island where you are cut off from the world at large. We live in a society of interactions. It’s pretty hypocritical to say you don’t need people when you begin to realise that everything you have or everything you own or eveything you rely on…depends on people to make, create, maintain or otherwise give to you. So rather than closing up to the world you’re simply a part of. Why is it so hard to live a little in it?

Sure, relationships with people are complicated. Then again since when is life ever that easy to begin with? The only equation I can see here is this…because it’s more complicated to begin with, it means that the rewards you get from it are even greater than that you can get on your own. Yeah fine…you got all the bad shit when you are with people. But just because it’s the first thing that you can see, doesn’t mean it’s the last thing you’ll experience.

Of course, at the end of it, it’s all up to you. Like I said, being a loner, we can’t get enough of this life of the solitary wolf. It takes a lot to change our minds and more often than we’re always stubborn about it seeing all we can see. Then again, the best things in life don’t come by standing on your own. We’ve always been social animals driven by the purpose of working together to creating something greater than ourselves. Don’t you think it’s time you take a chance? I like to think so.

7 thoughts on “The Loners Of Our Lives

  1. I’ve been a loner most of my life. There is this certain calmness when you’re alone. Especially when you’re contemplating things. But when you achieve something or get something that you’ve wanted to get for a long time, somehow the heart yearns for someone to share it with like friends who’ve been with you long enough to know how much it means. It’s a sad feeling to stand at the threshold of victory.. alone.

  2. Exactly…which is why they say it’s lonely on top. Ambition with everything out of the way leaves nothing but the emptiness of solitude behind.

  3. i spent alot of time thinking i didn’t need anyone too. i mean, i sorted out my problems on my own, i might have whined alot but it was never with the intention of getting people to help me. how can people help anyway? all they do is pretend to be sympathetic and do nothing. but i couldn’t keep up with it. it felt far too lonely being alone. i’m glad you know that you need people. we’re not meant to be solitary creatures. it’s not in our genes to be alone. never think you’re alone, because you never are.

  4. Well, I’m also a lonely person like all of you, most of the time. I never wanted it to go this way, but I can’t really get close to anyone around here in my University, although we usually go out with each other very often. There is often a barrier between us.

    Yet, most of the time, being a loner (and a nerd too), I’ve become very shy to talk to others, because I’m afraid of what they’ll think of me, or worse, they could get angry at me. As a result, my social skills sucked. Suddenly, being lonely seems to be the only option, because everything seemed so simple when I’m alone.No more complicated relationships and dramas unfolding like typical Cantonese serials, my life is simple and relaxing to live, with the only source of stress from studies.

  5. 🙂
    I understand each and every word that you guys said. I am no different except for few minor things that make me a unique individual.
    I find staying alone quite interesting for it gives a different perspective to see and understand the beahviour of people. Apart from this, there is not much tension because you know what you are doing and what you should do. It’s all your choice. So, no regrets!
    But being a human, one can’t stay away from others. Life pulls you back to ground, to rise again. Use your experience while you spent time alone to make life better with people surrounding you.
    You ‘don’t need them’ is a lie wrapped with ego and a shell to protect your soft sentimental part. But they need you, always, and it’s clearly written on their face.


  6. I have this little personal revelation: No one TRULY understands who you are, and we all must go through life that way to the very end.

    But I know people who can confidently name friends who they claim to know them inside out, and that’s really great. Maybe ‘know’ in this sense is subjective. But to each one’s own; and whatever makes ye happy.

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