The Meaning Of Life And Blogging

The world we created isn’t exactly an easy place isn’t it? I’m betting when you were born, you didn’t expect to be constantly getting into situations like this would you? After all if we would have known…I would also be betting you that half the world right now wouldn’t even want to be born.

Sad lives we lead.

Sad…but ultimately interesting lives we all lead.

Lives most of us lead in ignorance and silent acceptance that what we see would always be taken into face value. Lives that do nothing but carry on in mindless routine till the end of our days. Lives without our own rationalised say in the purposes we pursue but instead resign to the biological choices in which every living being is destined to follow from the moment they are created.

Lives that if we were to blog about in a matter-of-fact way…it could be summerised into 7 words.

We were born.

Things happened.

We die.

Cynicism aside, maybe that’s what makes our lives interesting. Things happen yes…but doesn’t mean we have to live in the ignorance of choices waiting for life to throw us a bone with alters the course of our futures. No…the choices that we are aware of in life is determined by our own hand. The more we are aware of what goes around our lives…the more choices we can and have to make.

That is what makes it all the more interesting.

When you look at the world today…at least look at it from where I’m standing. You got to admit that it’s a pretty bleak world to begin with. It’s a whole cesspool of violence, debauchery, despair and the senseless bickering of beliefs and inconsequential ideals. For most people who live behind the “picket fence”, that routine they spend their entire lives in is a distraction for what the world around them is. You don’t need The Matrix to blind us from the truth. We’re already quite capable of doing that on our own.

People say ignorance is bliss.

I say ignorance is just running away from responsibility.

If we are indeed the sole keepers of this planet, then by all means ignorance only leads to the choices that we are not even aware of. Choices that come with the bare essentials of existing rather than living life simply because it needs to be done rather than what we ourselves choose to do.

The world may be a twisted, horrible place.

But there is always beauty through the hands that try to make something out of that darkness.

We just have to stop pretending that we live only for ourselves because it’s the convienient thing to do when we suddenly see the how twisted the world is and how twisted life can be. We are part of this world and each and every one of us has a responsibility to take care of each other. It doesn’t mean that we stop at cleaning up pollution or saving endangered animals.

It means we never stop caring about the people we know around us. It means that turning away from their pain only selfishly helps yourself…but not the person you’re turning away from. It means giving yourself a reason to live rather than to exist.

It means you would have a lot more to blog about.

A lot more than just things that happened.

That would be nice.

11 thoughts on “The Meaning Of Life And Blogging

  1. ” It means giving yourself a reason to live rather than to exist.”

    I like this line, and I agree with what you’re saying in this post.

  2. I’m not sure why I’m here actually, but it makes me feel dirty all over.

  3. Fariz: Then maybe you should do something about it. That’s what life is all about. Either you make a choice to do something about it…or life makes that choice for you. It’s just how the world works.

  4. someone has seriously been thinking like me today.

    or is it just serendipity that we post alike on the same day?

  5. Hey, just wanted to say, I enjoy reading your blog. Ok, maybe enjoy isn’t exactly the right word. It is after all, fairly depressing. More like, reading your blog always gives me something to think about. Like this entry.

    I never really thought about how we live our lives in a Matrix context. Guess it’s true that too many of us go through life complacent, ignorant and perfectly happy about it. My friends are forever telling me not to think so much, to just live life as it comes, because I would be much happier this way. But then…. is that really how I want to spend the rest of my life?

  6. Cynical: Hey, thanks for dropping by. I always thought that perfect happiness because of ignorance is always a smokescreen for things. Pretending to be happy and being truly happy and content at different things. Because when the real things hit us and they always do, would we have the knowledge and experience for it not to affect us so much? You can’t distract yourself from real life forever…one way or another…it’s all going to flood back to you. You might as take care of it slowly at a time before it really bites you in the ass. That’s what I think at least.

  7. I would leave you with the true meaning of life. The meaning of life is death we all live to die and nothing more. we was put here to experience what it is on earth or what ever all creatures all things that live microorganisms and all we where all meant to die. without death there no life with out life there no death. no one can live forever but there is a possibility they can. I may sound weird or crazy yes but if you look at life and think about what I’m saying you would see that i am correct. cause once you get what you want in life what else is there to do? and I dont mean killing yourself. What i mean is you will die one day or another time people who are born and die at the same time you can say they are lucky and you can say they are not cause they didn’t experience the elements of life which is love happiness sadness anger confusion and many others. But tons of people on earth either hate one or two maybe all of the emotions which is the elements of life. If you think I’m wrong let me give you a fair hearing of my thoughts. If you cant feel nor know of emotions pain and love and etc you are lifeless cause you can’t do nothing you can’t think feel follow lead. casue your goals and ideas and thoughts would not process cause there is no emotions to back you up. the rush or the drive for you to do something yea thats a emotion or a element of life without that element you would be to lazy or would not feel like doing whatever it is. I may sound like I’m on the edge and crazy but I’m not . I have been thinking on this little question of life and death for 17 years and to let you know I’m 17. I have thought on it comparing combining from what i feel and hear and learn from news and from my life and what happens to people later on in there life. the only answer that comes up at the end of the storyline for every single life form is death. We all live to die and experience the gift of life thats all but personally I see nothing important about life. So thats all I have to say if you think I’m wrong you think I’m wrong but you trying thinking how this topic and comparing and combining things from facts and you would fine the same answer i have.

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