The (Malay) Muslim Hypocrisy

A comment from Keen got me thinking about how ignorance towards things in life often breeds prejudice. Then Lucia found this very nice article in relation to Article 11 that proposes the idea that maybe the reason for all these strict and complicated laws and double standards is because as a nation where Islam is the main religion, the bulk of society or at least the people in charge aren’t secure enough to trust themselves or anyone else with upholding something they are supposed to be believing.

Then again, maybe that is the issue in all this. It’s the reason why movies like Babe and Passion of Christ was banned or at least heavily restricted away from muslims. It’s the reason why other religions have don’t really have their issues properly address on the same level as that to do with Islamic matters. Like an only child in a world where you’re afraid of everything you see and are used to the comforts of home, what we have more or less is built a society of Muslims that work on the selfish but very familiar childhood principle that “What’s mine is mine. What’s yours is also mine”.

I’m not really a hotshot psychologist when it comes to working my way through the building blocks of society, but I do know for a fact that one of the reasons why anyone builds layer upon layer of defence to protect themselves from the outside world is because they have created a perception of fear towards that world. I’m not talking about the kind of pathological phobia where you freeze up and can’t do anything. I’m talking about the one that seeds doubt and insecurity in our ability to deal and handle with the situation should we come to face it.

If you are completely secure with your relationship between you and your God, why would you actively try and prevent people from trying to find that security between them and their idea of God? You’re already good to go, up there on your pedestal screaming to the world how beautiful your beliefs are. Alright, we get it. You love God the way you love God. We certainly aren’t trying to stop you from that manner of worship. So why should you stop us from our idea of what God is to us? Do you seriously think that the freedom to believe what we would like to believe will dilute the purity and beauty of your belief? I’m pretty sure there is enough conviction in your bones given what you say to drive that belief around the world from now to the end of time. So why bother?

This kind of hypocrisy by saying you can accept everything else unless it doesn’t put Islam first shows the kind of prejudice that comes with insecurity. It doesn’t just breed people who think like yourselves to shy away from all that isn’t pure and worthy of God’s enbrace. It teaches everyone even those you consider unbelievers to do the exact same thing.

Given an example, it’s easy to see other religious people in the country talk high and low about how their idea of God is great for them. But in matters such as Article 11 or even the case of Lina Joy which yields a bigger concern to the society…I see nothing but silence on their part. Outspoken they are about their own beliefs, hypocritical as the rest of society when they get the whiff it also concerns another belief.

I have lived those both worlds between what you think and what they think and the reality of it is, no one is any different from each other. Everyone, driven by the isolation of ignorance and the perpetuation of misconceptions will built the universe of prejudice and a world of contempt, only looking towards what benefits them and their beliefs the most because no one else is too sensible to walk out and start shedding those fears by asking what we don’t understand and above all accepting another’s beliefs as just part of human society.

Maybe it’s time for everyone, not just Muslims to stop all our double standards. Stop our fears. Stop thinking that everything else will corrupt our sense of purity for that matter. It’s time to grow up and walk out of our dark caves into the light of knowledge and above all the understanding and acceptence of what we do not fully comprehend by ourselves. To quote that I remember reading before.

“You shall not accept any information, unless you verify it for yourself. I have given you the hearing, the eyesight, and the brain, and you are responsible for using them.” – 17:36

To think I’d be the one to quote from the good Book, but let it not be said that I never understood what I was born into to begin with, after all…you always hope that at the end of the long road, things that you pick up like that could always be put to some use and see to it we become better people from it. It does no one any good to do otherwise.

8 thoughts on “The (Malay) Muslim Hypocrisy

  1. I can’t say that I really understand your article… such is the nature of a hijab – it may look like a piece of cloth, but once its on a head, it has the ability to make a person ‘un-educated’. Anyways, I am only commenting to the concept that you think “Muslims” don’t know what any other religion is about… I was born into a Muslim home, I went to a Hindu school from 5 till 11 and then to a Christian school from 12 till 18… I even sang Bajjans and Hymns, and after the “exposure” I choose to be a Muslim.

    I appreciate your article, but just think that there is a HUGE difference between Arabs and Muslims, and you should know that less that 1/5 of Muslims are actually Arab! Also… the laws of most of these ’so-called’ Islamic countries are actually based on culture and not on true Islamic laws, and as a result most of their laws are unjust! It remains my personal opinion that there is no Islamic country in existence today, so you may want to consider re-naming your article. 😉 thanks!

    Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) enjoins Muslims to seek knowledge:
    “Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.””Seeking Knowledge is a duty upon every Muslim male and female.’

  2. shazia: I think this isn’t about Arabs but Malay Muslims. But then I didn’t write this.

    Moving on, I was thinking about the dilution of purity and beauty of belief you were saying. Throwing in a theory here, an untested one at that, but what if it is perceived that not stopping someone from leaving the faith would be akin to being an accomplice in the act and have thus in effect, done wrong.

    Other than the what-if that they see non-believers as abominations unto their faith. Just don’t hold that last sentence on me, its a what-if, I’m not trying to pass it off as fact 😀

  3. just noticed you live in Malaysia… I have 3 kids… hard to read everything before commenting. guess you’re most likely aware that most Muslims are not Arabs…sorry for the comment, just slightly annoyed because I live in North America and I am just seriously fed up of being stereotyped!

    Your site is inspiring me to go back to wordpress 🙂

  4. thanks for linking me… and for linking that excellent article from puteri shehnaz. everybody, especially muslim, ought to read her article and chew on it.

  5. Shazia: I should have been more specific about what I was talking about. Malaysian Muslim are the case here. I apologise if you misunderstood what I was talking about. You do make a good point that a lot of non-muslims in western countries always stereotype. It’s unlikely that the stereotype is going to fade away anytime soon but, the stupidity of what people know, take for granted and choose to know just adds to the whole mess. The sad thing is, the outspoken Muslims at least in my country aren’t helping to make that difference…they are enfocing the other stereotype and that’s a bad thing.

    Keen: Actually that is their argument. That it is their responsibility to stop the flock from straying. It’s a historical law actually. In the years after Prophet Muhammad’s death, there were a lot of apostates. Desperate situations called for desperate measures, the legacy of which is the enforcement of this law. Taken literally…you can begin to understand why fundementalists take things like this very seriously.

  6. salam to all… i’m a malay muslim who’s lived life in many parts of the world… as much as i love my home country… it saddens me that for all the crap our government is trying to do to ‘control’ us… it’s NOT WORKIN!!! hehehe… according to article 160 of the Malaysian Constitution… Malays are Muslims… err… No… people who pray 5 times a day are muslims… as much as they like to enforce our being Muslims as a race… i don’t see anywhere in the Qur’an where being a Mat Rempit is Islamic…

    I lived 2 years in India… everyone is an Indian… but those who are Muslims… well… you know they’re muslims… by their attitude and by their demeanor…

    the TRUE islam as how the prophet preached does not discriminate one race as being superior to another…in fact.. all races are to be treated equally… That Statement alone puts our (The Malaysian) Government under contradiction to what they preach and what they imply…

    In My Opinion… Islam is perfect… If one goes in the depth of the Qur’an… one will realize the symmetry and completeness of this religion as not merely a faith to stimulate the frontal cortex of the brain where people feel the “spiritualism” but a system which was made to preserve the HUMAN CONSTITUTION and till that constitution is preserve… Allah has promised that the Qur’an will not be changed…

    Basicly… i’m just pissed for a Islamic Country of supposedly “Good Morals”… i don’t see anyone being courteous enough to give up their seat to a female or elder…

    shame on you people… but more so on the Malay Muslims…


  7. my personal opinion,i guess this article seems to be more about politic,race,culture n economy rather than religion.1st of all there are certain things that need to be clarified.most non-muslim in malaysia got confused btwn MALAY n MUSLIM & most of da time they simply using these term interchangeably.for instant if a chinese/indian want to convert to islam they(non-muslim) will normally say that this chinese/indian want to become a Malay(instead of muslim).2ndly,it is true that there are certain laws/written rights(either frm Act of parliament or constitution) in favour of MALAY & other BUMIPUTRA.i believe the reason behind this was i)to give the opportunities to Bumiputra to in economy-if u read the history u shud know dat during the British rule there was a policy called “Dasar Pecah & Perintah” where Malay n Bumiputra were limited or denied their right to participate in economy.for example business opportunities were only offered to the non-bumi especially to the technically chinese in malaysia hv at least 50-100 years advantage in economy compared to malay n other bumiputra.ii) monopoly of economy by the non-bumiputra made malay n other bumiputra difficult to progress.for instant,it is rarely that non-bumi big company want to give business opportunity to bumiputra companies or at lrast hire bumiputra for important here,they need the assistance from the government to break this monopoly so that the wealth of the country could be circulated to the entire population.iii)i believe the concept of “ketuanan Melayu”(Malay Supremacy) was to protect the position Malay Kings as the figurehead of the nation & it doesn’t mean that Malays are the boss in this country.3rdly,most non-muslim confused btwn Islamic tradition n muslim cultures(which would varied depending on where they came from)n they like to judge Islam by a particular muslim’s conduct rather than judging that individual who breach the law.4thly,lot of muslim countries claim dat they were Islamic state but none of them actually applying or following Islamic legal system.for instant,malaysia is a secular state,n Saudi Arabia using a monarchical system which is different frm Islamic Legal System.(note:this just my personal opinion,i’m not a racist>my dad is malay-siamese,my mom>arab-chinese)

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