The Narcissistic Bloggers We Are

I started writing my blog because I had something to say…which usually meant that I had nothing better to say that would interest people on a daily basis and which in fact would appeal to my sense of narcisism rereading whatever I did say over and over again instead of reading what other people would say about their own narcissistic sense of expression.

I cannot believe that the sentence I just wrote became an actual paragraph. You can reread it again. Take your time. I can wait.

It’s interesting to know that over the months, I have shifted from writing about myself to writing about what blogs mean and all that jazz. Technically, I’m still writing about myself because after all, I’m writing what I think about blogs these days…which again usually means I have nothing better to say aside from my own narcissistic sense of opinion on things.

What is interesting that I realised is the fact that in the times that there are people like me writing about blogs and the way they are or would or could or should be, there are people that take the opposite stand on things. Naysayers that say things like that shouldn’t be cared for or there shouldn’t be things like that about which would impede other blogger’s sense of expressive narcissism. Usually I would be inclined to agree, after all everyone has a right to say something and that’s part of what blogging is about.

Until you realise the hypocratic irony of the situation. If things like that shouldn’t be cared for in the first place…why are they also telling people what a blog is or would or could or should be? It does seem a little…odd to begin with. Then you begin to rationalize that they too would like to have people listen to what a blog is or would or could or should be (I’m getting really tired of writing that over and over again), the only difference is whether they are willing to admit it or not.

So to cut the rationalization short, the eventual result of something like this isn’t about how a person should blog…but a kick off to see whose argument makes more sense to whoever reads it and in some part to fufill one’s self satisfaction that whatever they have wrote would justify their own narcissistic needs.

So what’s the point of all this? Absolutely nothing at all. It’s just another one of my own thoughtfulness and narcissistic expressions that I would reread over and over again on a matter that would be akin to the phrase “beating a dead horse”. Some people would express it in a few lines, some people would use really absurd slangs and some people would express it in erotic nudity which I would really really like to read.

I just happen to express it in big sounding words that make me look smarter than I actually am. It makes me feel all warm and tingly when I write the way I always do. After all…what did you think narcissism was anyway?

12 thoughts on “The Narcissistic Bloggers We Are

  1. To me, narcissism is a way of life. It exists everywhere, whether you’re writing about yourself, or the way in which you manipulate other people’s perception of you.

    If narcissism did not exist, then people would not bother about the way they sound, look, dress, behave, etc. It’s because we know that we’ll always love ourselves first before all else – we want to look good, give a good impression of ourselves.

    The only difference is the degree of narcissism that is employed – some more so than others.

  2. Apparently, narcissism seems to be an ‘In’ thing nowadays … Everybody seems to be blogging/talking about it …

    Well .. if you actually use big-sounding words … at least it goes to show that you’re intelligent. 😀

  3. Actually, Jeremy’s right, narcissism is a way of life and not just an in thing. Every blogger that openly expresses themselves has their own levels of narcissism. The fact that they argue they have a right to be narcisistic is another story altogether…one that’s part of the poor dead horse beaten story.

    Anyone can learn big words. It’s just less reading more TV. 🙂

  4. It seems to me that only narcissistic posts (and blogs) gain lots of readers, while posts about other stuff don’t gain many.

  5. liz: i don’t know, I’ve seen a malaysian site that’s basically a collaborative effort to write “intellectual articles” ….Uses big words and all that jazz. Let’s just say the level of combined intelligence there astonishes me, and I DON’T mean it’s cause I think they’re very smart.

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