The Nature Of Blogs…

In the world we live and walk upon there exists three kinds of people in general. Those who stay in control, those who stand by and influence that control and those who submit to control. It is the kind of heirarchy built upon by the simple natural order of things that states rule.

There is balance in nature.

Ironically for blogs as well, this rule has never been so clear. You cannot seriously expect the blogosphere community to keep on expanding and run away from the laws of nature. We may hide behind our masks of technology and digital signals, but as long as we remain flesh, blood and bone, whatever we do reflects that law that has allowed us to survive this long despite the countless centuries of carnage and chaos.

So hear me out for a moment or two.

I stand by the principle that blogs are and will always be a reflection of who you are. Even if you’re don’t write for content and are just a hit-seeking blog whore, thats a reflection of your nature anyway as ugly as it is. This is the only place where we can be free to put out our true selves for the world to see. So of course there will always be a heirarchy to blogging. Contrary to popular belief.

Freedom is speech is highly overrated.

To illustrate my point, take for instance blogs that I say stay in control. These are the heavy duty blogs factual or news blogs like Slashdot or even our local Jeff Ooi. Closer related to journalism than blogs, they are the opinion givers and the information peddlers. Their blogs literally give people the one glance information where a lot of us count on more than news itself. This of course has its fair share of problems, most of which I brought about in this post.

Then of course there are those that influence power. They aren’t exactly dedicated to being factual and a lot of them are really personal blogs with a lot of popularity. They can be anyone that commands a presence in opinion, these are blogs that have the power to literally shape a part of the blogosphere with their posts. They are anyone that starts ideas, builds a community, breathes life into blogosphere. Sometimes they can even make or break another blog if they make an opinion of it. To me at least…personally these people do include Chooki or even Michael. As far as I know, when they put their opnions down…people listen and they listen well.

Lastly of course are those that submit to control…it doesn’t matter whether it’s conscious sucking up to or subconscious mime distribution. As long as you are still guided or influence by first two blogs, you’re pretty much in this catagory which sadly is the BULK of the known blogosphere. From crap-posting attention whores to even point making underdogs trying to make it big amongst the unbelievable mass of other posts. We are at the passing mercy of those who like us for what we write or what we do. It doesn’t sound particularly glamorous but then if you’re blogging to be famous, you have a seriously wrong idea about what blogging is about.

All in all…you have to admit that with all this around, whatever you say would be broken down and scrutinised by everyone else. Every remark, as long as it’s out there on the net would just have it’s own support or counter-argument no matter how inane it can be. The freedom for speech just means other people have the freedom to say something about your speech. Which when you look at it…

It really isn’t freedom at all.

Then again…as long as there is this balance of nature between bloggers, things will remain fine no matter how much the blogging world is thrown into chaos with its controversies, scandals, entries and exits. Whether we like it or not, blogging already has a life of its own and it’ll always be here to stay because we will always be here to stay.

And that is the natural law of things.

2 thoughts on “The Nature Of Blogs…

  1. Yes, I agree generaly that Blogging reflects much about the author, except …

    There is also the possibility that someone masquerade as another personality, and then Blog under the assumed identity. I wrote about fuzzy writing in prose (as opposed to Truthful self-reflection inpoetry-composition…).

    So are we able to screen through the fasle “persona”, and raed through a Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde personality? I think not if the Blogger is single-minded in deception and has an agenda beyond what you generally wrote about.

    Me, I defined my objectives from the very beginning since I started 5 weeks back; You’re welcome to Visit — see if I fall within your defined territory? Chow!

  2. Even a self-deceptive blog reveals much about a person’s persona. It could be shy, fearful, insecure, deceptive. It depends very much on how the self-deception is played and the reasons behind it.

    Even with the amount of self-deceptive blogs out there, how we play it out gives the impression of who we are…we can’t make something out of nothing.

    Besides…I’ve already blogged about factual blogs who falsify facts and data or act irresponsibly towards how they spread information. The link is in the post above anyway.

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