5 thoughts on “The One Sentence Question

  1. Depends on what kind of recognition. Fame is simply to be well known. To be recognized, does not depend on numbers. If I recognize you to be a good man (not that ‘good man’), is that not enough?

  2. IMHO, recognition and fame often go hand in hand. The difference is that recognition is a positive means of attaining fame, whether you want to or not.

    Since it’s a positive thing and should not undermine one’s principles or moral/ethical judgment, then I can only agree with minishorts…

  3. Fair enough I guess…that would mean that it wouldn’t be wrong to try and stretch the recognition for a good deed as far as you can possibly stretch would it? I guess the real question would be, how thin is the line between earning recognition and seeking fame?

  4. depends how much recognition you want. if you’re happy with a thank you, a mention in the credits page, an acknowledgement link or a teh tarik kurang manis at a mamak stall…that’s as far as you need to go.

    i wouldn’t stretch the recognition at all. i’m happy enough if people even realise that i had the choice to not help them, but i did. not many people do.

    did i go out of point?

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