The Real Relationships

“Even though her and me have long since broken up, it doesn’t mean that what we had was any less real.”

“We’re just so full of quotable quotes today aren’t we?”

Breaking up is never an easy thing to do. Especially when the relationship you had meant something to the both of you. Regardless, it’s easy to understand why some people would never want to revisit those parts of their lives again. It’s not without words of wisdom as well.

There is a reason why people become your ex and many of those reasons aren’t always events that are completely within your control. For the most part, people aren’t always compatible with each other. What may work good as friends don’t always work in a relationship either. That’s a very nice way of saying that at the end of the day most ex’s, revealing sides of themselves that we wish we’d never have seen, are assholes and bitches

Yet in that, there are also broken relationships that carry with it the air of regret. A past that should have been and could have been. A past we can never get back. It’s understandable that don’t just move on from it, that we force ourselves to disregard the loss and let it go.

Maybe at the end of the day, those are the parts of the past we should never let go. Don’t get me wrong, we should always move on and live every single day of our lives. But if we can’t even remember what it was like to be in live and to feel before, wouldn’t that be disrespecting who we’ve become now?

Maybe I’m that much of a bleeding heart that at the end of the day, the thoughts of people I once loved and cared for carries no ill will. Regardless of what was done, the relationship experienced then was not a lie. Every wrongs are offset by the intensity of what was felt in those moments. For that is a memory I cannot let go, will not let go.

So yes, even if there are parts of my life I want to forget, I keep to keep them still. As a testament to a life I lived. A relationship with someone I truly loved. A relationship I felt unequaled happiness and a relationship I felt unrivaled pain. A relationship that can be passed on as a lesson to myself and to others. A relationship I can look back now and smile at. A relationship that was no less real.

Perhaps that’s what all relationships should be about.

6 thoughts on “The Real Relationships

  1. I guess breakups are inevitable. How many of us actually found the right one, right off the bat?

  2. Thought prevoking to say the least. You are right. I keep thinking on the old saying “It is is better to have love and lost, than to never to have loved at all”
    If only all of us could look back on past relationships the way you do…

  3. mlmaestro: They aren’t always inevitable. Relationships are like common sense. Some people never had one in their lives but work it out just fine. Some people live through a string of relationships never finding one that works out. Sometimes it’s just luck, more often than not, it’s how you live it…and how you learn from it.

    Tracy: It’s even better to have loved and to keep that love rather than to lose it. That’s what it’s all about. Keeping what mattered and what matters. It’s not that hard to look back at things that way.

  4. Why would time make it less real? The emotions may eventually wane but nothing can change what the relationship was like. Except your perceptions.

  5. You hit the dot on that one Cléa, how we see and we define reality is based on our perceptions. What is real for us, what we choose to accept and deny revolves around that as well. Many people choose pretend those parts of their lives never existed. Somehow I find that sad.

  6. its more like feeling miserable yet in a nonexpressive way…… time might just bring in the peace in you but the impact is long lasting…

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