The True Failure Of Friendship

Its been a busy week so far. The next semester’s orientation is coming up, I’ve got a prom event to chip in and settle. But I managed to finish some of the books I wanted to reread anyway. Books 9 and half way through Book 10 of Anita Blake. One thing hit me from the book though.

What is failure to the people under your watch or people you care for? Is failure really the fact that they can get hurt? That they die on while they are under your watch? The book raised one important point. What is it that most of us strive for in life? The one thing above all else than this…material world we live in? Maybe although alot of us might try to deny it…it is the comfort and security of a family above all else. Family in this sense doesn’t mean by blood…having blood ties doesn’t mean you’re a family. No…family means care and devotion to each other above all else. It is a bond that cannot easily be broken.

Think about it, we desire companionship, friends, lovers. We are social creatures that thrive on the the company of others. We are damaged in heart and mind when we are deprived from others. We become self-destructive and fatalistic in nature because we are unable to connect ourselves to others. So how can it not be that in all the things we do…all the things we work for whether money or power, in the end it is the desire to be in the company of others that we desire the most?

Back the the question at hand, what would failure to these peopl mean? I used to think that its the fact that they will be hurt, that some will die. I’ve beaten myself in some nights because of this. But the book made me realise, since the world is full of hurt and death. There is no way that I can prevent hurt from anyone, or death to others. No…that would mean it cannot be a faiure for me.

Failure would mean that I stopped giving a damn for people, stopped giving a damn for my friends and family. In the world so full of pain and torment, the last thing you should do to the people you care for is to STOP giving a damn. The would hurt, and unless you can prevent it, they can die. But like you, all they desire above all else is a someone who would care for them and comfort them in their time of need. Sometimes all it takes is one person to give a damn about someone. To not let anyone be left behind, no matter what the cost. That’s what family is about isn’t it?

Never let anyone be left behind. Never stop giving a damn about someone. It is the most painful thing you could ever do to a person. It is the greatest failure you can even do to someone.

Never let go of hands that hold on to you. Never turn your back on the people that would do the same too.

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