The Zen Of Not Blogging

Me: Come to think of it I haven’t blogged today.
Ed: Really and why is that?
Me: I don’t really have anything to blog about.
Ed: You know what that means?
Me: What?
Ed: Your life right now is a moment of perfection.
Me: My life isn’t perfect.
Ed: I said right now. This very moment.
Me: Oh…then what if I blog about this?
Ed: Then the moment is gone.

You know what? He’s right. When you have absolutely nothing to say, nothing to rant, nothing to report, nothing that would sooner have you rushing off to tell people about. When you feel that everything has its place and there is a place for everything in your life. When you have absolutely nothing else to blog about.

That is a frozen moment of perfection. A point where everything in life works the way you want it to work. Too bad too…cause I had to ruin it. That’s being human for you. If it ain’t broke…poke at it until it does. Oh well…there will be other days, other moments of perfection. That much I can be sure off.

4 thoughts on “The Zen Of Not Blogging

  1. Haha, got me there ChickyBabe. Maybe I should have phrased it as, “The Explaination to the Zen of not Blogging”. 🙂

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