Thinking Of The End

It has crossed my mind. The part of me that I need to make sure I don’t pick up a gun and start rampaging at any passer by has moved from the digital world I call a blog to a world outside the window and beside my bed at night. In the months that I have started living out the responsibilities and possibilities of work and play, I have gradually begun to move away from the anonymous confidantes of virtual spectators, so it is inevitable that choices like this have to be thought over.

I once asked a friend who asked me the same thing, should she do it too? Her answer came to her swiftly, because for her, it may not be utterly necessary anymore, but for her…it has taken a life of its own. For her, its importance although disconnected from its original purpose still maintains the point that she can make to anyone willing to still listen. For her it works because she’s good at it.

What this was, is and will always be is just a part of me that I am willing to share because it is a personal necessity, it bears no importance to people, no impact on the world and certainly no mark upon the digital landscape at large. What I desired from the beginning was always to see how far it goes, given the changing expectations of possibilities that I saw fit, I gave myself the reason to keep going the way I kept going.

So now, years ahead and working towards a life that differs completely from one I always felt comfortable in, given all that’s said and done, all that’s spent and sacrificed, it has crossed my mind.

Should I end my blog as it is?

7 thoughts on “Thinking Of The End

  1. I’m not one to say you should stay because of your readers. If it no longer gives you enjoyment, there’s no point doing it, is there?

  2. Oh no, I do enjoy it. I just seem to be busy doing other things that finding the time to express myself as I always did on my blog isn’t that necessary anymore.

  3. If you still enjoy it, then I think you’d likely regret closing it at some point, especially after all the work you’ve put into it. I’m busy these days as well quite often; sometimes, even when I am on the computer, I’m doing other things and don’t have time to focus on my journal. However, I have a more defined focus, so when the time comes around, I already have an idea of what I’ll talk about.

    Maybe you’ve just come to a fork in the road. Maybe you should keep writing, since you do enjoy it, but give your writing a different focus. If my journal were solely about my personal feelings, I would very rarely have things to talk about, or so I think, because nothing amazingly different happens in my life from day to day, and my feelings only change so much. Nothing wrong with that, it just means I don’t have as much to talk about when it comes to my life, or as much of a need to talk about it. For me, defining my interests and working from there has been what’s worked for me.

  4. I used to have things to talk about because this blog is my personal venting space. But ever since I started sharing my life with someone else, the need to vent has dwindled. But yes, it still remains the same. This blog is about my life and whatever personal feelings I put in it. How much mood and the moments I have to put what I feel down is another story altogether.

    But yeah you are right, I think I would regret closing my blog down, especially since I’ve been on it for far too long. 🙂

  5. Already am…at least blogging sporadically. Can’t say I don’t miss the attention when I blogged more often though. 🙂

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