To Never Walk With Demons In Our Shoes

“Why don’t you talk to Mel or your housemate about it?”

“Because they don’t understand.”

“It sucks when they don’t understand.”

“No it doesn’t.”


“Because then they would have to go through the same thing we’ve been through for them to understand and the world doesn’t need more people like us. The world needs more people like them.”

Sometimes the burden of your experience should only be yours to bear. It isn’t unfair to expect people to understand because they haven’t gone through it. More often than not, some experiences teach us that some experiences should never have to be experienced by the people that haven’t lived through them. For some, what happened would be their first time seeing it. For others, it would be a familiar sight that becomes part of our ability to deal with the world we live in.

What happened, happened and there isn’t anything anyone of us could do. No blame should be given. No guilt should be felt. No remorse should be shouldered. We can only feel the sadness of loss and hope that the suffering ended, even if it was by choice. In times like this, it is a moment of reflection, not just of the fragility of the human body, but the fragility of the human mind. Some people battle with their demons all their life and rise to the occasion. Some never recover. It’s why some of us choose the choices in our lives. For better or worse, it’s our own way of making sure the demons are kept at bay.

Yet, that doesn’t mean you’re alone. Even in the company of people who haven’t walked in your shoes, you can find comfort in knowing that they are there for you. Not as people that understand, but as people who remind us that the world didn’t have to be the war we fight against day and night. People who remind us of a time we laugh and smiled with innocence. People who remind us that there is always something worth living for.

I know like the rest of us bound by blood, she understood that. Now she’s gone and in the cold reality that we live in, life goes on…

…and on and on and on.

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