Truth About Life

“What happens when you take away your reasons for power and respect?”

“I’ll die.”

Purpose notwithstanding, sometimes the greatest reason why we were born, are the reasons we shape for ourselves. Without it we are nothing but an empty shell, surviving in a world we can only pretend to have meaning, surviving in a world where the quest for joy and happiness is born out of the fear of feeling sadness and misery.

I’ve given myself a reason to survive. Now I’ll have to give myself a reason to live.

5 thoughts on “Truth About Life

  1. What happens if you take away your reasons for power and respect? You’d find that power and respect are mere shadings to make that shell seem harder than it actually is, nothing more. The question then becomes, could surviving itself be a point for living?

  2. If power and respect are reasons in themselves, then they have their own meaning. Survival itself is a point of living. Giving it a higher reason is something that defines not just our life as a whole but ourselves as individuals. If there is no reason given other than the redundancy of nature, what is the point to keep going?

  3. To keep going is a natural reaction of being part of nature. Should our time on earth pass, we will cease to have ever existed at all. So would any significance to power and respect.

  4. Not necessarily. Power and respect can echo in time. The legacy of our actions can impact generations to come. What good is power and respect if they are not used with a sense of responsibility. Achieving them isn’t without knowing why you seek them in the first place.

  5. why u 2 talk until so confusing =_=
    i think one shld live one’s life to the fullest…….and not just surviving. life has more meanings than just….surviving. no?

    mm, mayb i din get what you 2 were talking after all

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