Unbelievable Coincidences

You want to believe that good things can happen, that there is always a brighter side to life. Yet for some of us, even if it’s not caught up in the moment, it’s hard to put a finger on hope. It’s hard for many people to imagine that misfortune can fall on singular individuals over and over again, but even as a man that doesn’t believe in fate, some coincidences are too numerous to ignore.

So what can I but one man do to change what I cannot change? Nothing. I can try and convince you that bad luck follows me like a foreboding shadow, but short of unwanted pity, there is nothing that information can accomplish.

You want me to be happy, or at least not sad. You want to believe in happiness so much that it hurts to see other people live in a world where people desperately fight the thin line to stay sane. I can’t blame you for it. You lived a good life, a life that I want more than anything to experience. So maybe there is hope down that line, maybe not for a life that I have already lived, but for a life that I can create with my own hands.

All I can ask is that there are some things none of us can accomplish given what we know. In this world at least, it never was about knowing and focusing in what you can’t do. It starts in working on what you can do. Never on what we can’t believe. But always beginning on what we can accept.

Then maybe the future wouldn’t be so different. Maybe then there is hope there after all.

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