What Does Sex Mean To You?

Sex. From my scientific noodle of a brain, its one of our primal needs in life. It’s one of the things we simply have to do to ensure the survival of the human race. It’s not hard to fathom that because thats the way it is…it is going to be in ever aspect of our lives. It’s going to be all around us whether we like it or not and there is nothing we can go about.

Then again never underestimate the power of human perception.

Or lack of it.

Only we human beings could ever rationalise something so natural as something else entirely. Only we human beings can take the original value of something and put a different value on it altogether. Sometimes it just baffles me on what and how other people could view sex as in the first place.

You take this old matter for instance, no matter how many times I may read it, it’s still baffling. Of course, that’s just at one end of the spectrum but as much as I have no surprise to the limits of human depravity I’m still baffled by cases like this.

It’s times like this when the only thing I can say is “huh?”

Ok, so I’m a romantic. So I like the intimacy and company that comes with sex, to me at least, it just doesn’t have to be confined to the person you fell in love with. After a while, it becomes searingly obvious to you (or in this case me) that even close friends can give you the intimacy and company you need with sex. So to me at least, that’s where I draw the line.

That’s what sex means to me.

It’s not just a means of consumating the marriage. It’s not just another person or thing on another day. It’s a means of connecting with a person (no pun intended) and sharing who you are with them. It’s not just a time when you bear the fruits of your efforts to wine and dine on your own expense. It’s not just a time when you can look back and wish you were young again. To me at least, it’s a time to celebrate the aspects of life we take for granted.

Which is to be with another person.

It doesn’t matter at what state of undress you’re in. It doesn’t matter if you end up cuddling at night together or sitting up talking about the good ol days while playing with each other. Sex still means you have to have someone there, the intimacy of a warm body to be with (unless you’re a necropheliac and thats a totally different story).

Why not we let it be for the right reasons?

The company of a person you can trust. The presence of a person you can share that hidden part of you with and I’m not just talking about your naughty parts. A person who you can value the company in hard times (again, no pun intended) and in fun times.

That what sex means to me.

So tell me…what does it mean to you?

6 thoughts on “What Does Sex Mean To You?

  1. somewhat along the same lines as u think but more toward procreation more than anything else. 😀 PLUS its a great way to spend time. 🙂

  2. Though…when you come to think about it. 6 billion people on this planet. I think we need to slow down procreation a little bit and have a little R&R on the sidelines. 🙂

  3. Well, what does sex mean to me.

    I guess it’s just an intimacy that ought to be shared within a loving couple and not just recreation sex.


  4. Sex should be shared with someone you love/care/trust and should be sacred.

    It’s just sad sometimes that sex is confused with love.

  5. What sex means to me is the intimacy between two people. It is also the connection that goes beyond that intimacy that had been shared. Both bodily senses and feeling that touches every part of your being and rolls into one.

    I guess you’ve said it all. 🙂

  6. Kyels and Dee: Intimacy is a pretty good start. It’s always what it is about if you take away the biological nature of it.

    Cyber-Red: Pretty much sad. Then again…how many people really do understand what love is about anyway?

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