What Happened To The Good Ol Days Of Blogging?

I don’t know how it started. All I know is how I started. All I know is where I was when it all started. At best, I know where I will be as turns into a pile of petrified horse shit. There was a time when blogging meant a chance for us to be liberated from the silence that prevents us from screaming out hearts out in the middle of the street. Now, it’s just become one hugely commercialized race for the 15 minutes of fame, product endorsements and very bored lifeless people with too much time on their hands.

In some ways, it is inevitable. When small isolated communities that find themselves “freed” by the relative distance of anonymity and lack of serious and obvious consequences, there is no telling what can be accomplished. Yet, small communities without giving themselves an outlet to a bigger world often find that eventually, there is only a finite amount of resource that one can use in a community before it becomes old stale news.

Bloggers I know counter this by being themselves. They use whatever they do best in life. They draw inspiration to write from their work and their life experience. As a result, while it might not be the absolute answer to life, whatever that’s written is still something that people find connective and quite often appreciated by those who read it. As Steve Rubel puts it:

“They focus on a greater goal that they share with their own circle of readers and other bloggers”

There are however, those who seek sensationalism and active hostility for absolutely no reason. People who out from nowhere would serve to put down others for their own sense of amusement purely for the hits generated as the sparks fly. Those that do nothing to advance any discussion but serve to be the arsonist that dances around their fiery masterpiece. People who take blogging so seriously, that they forget where it ends and life begins. Unfortunately, while I would like to believe the bulk of the small community is filled by the former bunch of blogger, the reality is that for the most part, putrid chunks of shit don’t really have anywhere to go…so it gets worse.

The isolated blogging communities in which I built my blogging life on has become the septic tank full of shit that collects and digests more crap until one day it’s going to collapse under it’s own filth and there isn’t anyone left to clean it up. Who would want to anyway?

It is a far cry from the diversity that defines the rest of the blogosphere. Yes there is still bucketloads of horse manure out there, but because there is just so much to go for on the outside, that shit gets spread around. It doesn’t really stink up the place with the constant near personal attacks for no good reason aside from just because you disagree with it. And sometimes, with a little bit of luck, some spread out shit actually makes good fertilizer for something much better than just puerile shameless gossip.

Of course, at the end of the day, you can either take my word for it or dismiss it as another pile of shit. My words are as they always were, just another thought that couldn’t afford me running around main street…loudly. But if there is a point that is to be made from all this, I just want those days of fun and freedom back without wading knee deep, through someone else’s crap.

I think a lot of us would like that as well.

4 thoughts on “What Happened To The Good Ol Days Of Blogging?

  1. With all respect, times have changed and so have people. It looks as if you’re just contented to stay in your past. What you’ve just said is a total load of shit if I may say 😉 Now how does that feel to be called just a load of shit? You are somewhat selfish and arrogant to suggest that your way of blogging is what blogging is really about. But in all respect again, who are you to say just that?!

    You are basically contradicting yourself by saying “There was a time when blogging meant a chance for us to be liberated from the silence that prevents us from screaming out hearts out in the middle of the street.” Even if people choose to ‘commercialize blogging as you say these shit hole bloggers do, it’s just their way of being liberated. So are you going to be the BLOGGER to say what being liberated actually means?! If so, it’s only your point of view. If so, what gives you the right to put your pile of shit for the rest of the bloggers to see? All bloggers have every right to voice themselves out… be it for commercial reasons or just to vent out. What makes you so special to judge them of putting a whole load of shit out in the blogging world, huh?!

    With all respect again, I for one have every right to comment on your irresponsible behaviour as well, especially since you have to put your pile of ‘shit’ for everyone to see. Afterall, it’s a way of me liberating myself, isn’t it?! So what makes you so special in the first place???

  2. No one said I was special, not even me. No one said what I said has to be the absolute judgment of things as well so I don’t know where you got that impression. I even said you can dismiss what I said as a pile of shit which you have done, so that’s no biggie as well.

    It’s a contradictory, almost paradoxical point either way, then again, I wasn’t talking about what defines blogs as crap. I was bringing a point on how isolated communities tend to concentrate crap up more so than communities that are more diverse. With all due respect of course. 🙂

  3. Well the crap you mentioned would be crap to you, but not to others. And like I said, I’m merely commenting as a way of liberating my thoughts, on your post. So we both have every right to say what we want with all respect 🙂 In the end, it’s a chicken and egg thing. 🙂

  4. ‘Hello’, you anonymous Malaysian blogger, what a fantastic piece of bullshit.

    I would agree with Edrei that blogging as a whole has gotten more and more polluted after it has gone mainstream. Back in the old days bloggers were people wanting to put out actual writing, for the most part – and … now? We’ve got the advent of splogs, people who blog just to make money, and stupid little clashes over nothing in particular between bloggers with overinflated egos.

    Bloggers are liberated because they’re commercial?! Of for God’s sake … that’s like saying you’re a wanker in order to save the world. Bloggers are commercial because they want to make money. Don’t you ever go mixing up art and commercial drivel (assuming, of course, that blogging is an art within our cultural sphere, but that’s degressing).

    After becoming mainstream blogging has just gotten noisier and noisier. Sure, we can’t stop hormonally charged teenagers from venting non-sensical, unreadable posts, and we can’t stop noodle blogging, but on the whole it’s getting harder and harder to find good personal blogs to read.

    Personal blogs who reflect on the human condition and cause you to think, to feel, and to live. Blogs that are a good reflection of life, not the other way around.

    We’re on one of these rare blogs now. Show some bloody respect.

    Edrei: forgive me. I’m not usually this inflammatory. But I just … well, I just felt he was spewing a lot of crap.

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