What’s There To Know…

They say that the more you know something, the more you realise you know nothing. Which…is essentially true to a certain degree…if inaccurate (because if you know something how can you really know nothing?). Anyway, putting that aside, I’ve got my own word to add to that.

The more you know something, the more you can do anything.

Unfortunately it’s also both true but inaccurate. I’ll stick with the true parts first. The more you know things…anything really, whether its fixing a pipe to theoretical quantum physics. The more you begin to realise that there is a vast range of possibilities out there. I’m not REALLY sure what possibilities come with fixing pipes…but then again…I don’t know much about it. The point here is simply this.

There are no end to possibilities.

Every bit of information or data you can squeeze out and put together helps in making you understand how everything else relates to each other. The world is one huge puzzle whereby everything is interconnected and interrelated to each other. Knowing what each part is all about and how they fit together (hmmm…maybe that’s where pipe fixing comes in)…that’s what opens you up to the infinite possibilities. At least infinite in our minds eye.

Now the inaccurate part. The more you know…the more things you’ll understand cannot be done. It’s not doubt or pessimism or even being a realist. It’s just…logical. You would be bound to the knowledge that you posses. Your limitations are set to what you know. So by that…in the beginning…your own limitations would be very great indeed.

Not quite the exploration of endless possibilities isn’t it?

It’s just that in the end…it’s your choice where you want to go in that fork on the road. Alot of us choose to be held back because we don’t see past the things we know. The sad thing is that alot of us choose to say it cannot be done…then leave it at that…not knowing it just cannot be done to the best that THEY know.

It’s just a matter of knowing your options that’s all. Knowing that there is always another road to take. Knowing that there is no obstacle able to stop you save your own doubt and fear. Thing this is…it just comes with knowing a little more of something. Anything. Everything.

Sometimes…a little bit is what it takes to change something big in your life.

Imagine what would happen when you find something bigger.

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