When The Best Part Of Love Isn’t Love

“You know, now that we’re apart, ironically it feels like we’re doing everything together.”

“That’s because we spend so much time cuddling and hugging before that we didn’t have time to do anything else.”

The thing about love and relationships is that the best part of it isn’t always the cloud 9 moments when you’re floating in the air with someone you love. The best parts of a relationship is when a normal day you’ve gone through is appreciated by that someone rather than just shared.

Maybe that’s because a long time ago, there used to be this little boy who always believe that being with someone meant that you’re doing things for them just as they would be doing things for you. But experiences along the way taught that little boy that you need to be a little selfish in love. That at the end of that day, a relationship is all about doing things for yourself before you do things for the both of you.

Now that this little boy has sort of grown up to be a man. He’s beginning to realize that indeed a little selfishness on everyone’s part goes a long way. You can’t take care of what’s important if you don’t realize that importance starts with yourself.

So the man practiced what he learned. He worked hard. He built his life for himself. Appreciated what he built with his two hands. And soon enough found and won over a small reason in his life to keep that silly grin of his…among other things.

It didn’t matter for him what conventional relationships were like. It didn’t matter that there weren’t any flowers, sweet talking, cute animals (at least not then) or even a proper normal date. None of that mattered because what they gave each other mattered more than just the sweet stuff everyone does. They gave each other the trust and security of a life that has a future. It just so happens that their futures were headed in the same direction. That’s alone is worth more than the chocolate and flowers people pay to keep their partners happy all the time.

So the chapter of the man and his partner ends here, but not the story. For that tale goes on, because love doesn’t always have to have a happy ending. Some parts of love at least never ends.

Wouldn’t that be the best part?

8 thoughts on “When The Best Part Of Love Isn’t Love

  1. Esther: But it starts by us being ourselves rather than trying to be something more. What transpires after that is a great thing.

    Uner: True love isn’t a fairy tale. It’s just that most people turn true love into some sort of fairy tale. When people get all sorts of ideas in their head how love for them should be like. It breaks them to know that reality is something different. Doesn’t mean that true love doesn’t exist.

  2. i think those who have had ‘a conventional love’ may not have interest in it as they go long. but it still means a lot for those who never get to ‘taste’ it.


  3. The thing about youth is that every new good feeling is always one of the most wonderful things in life. It’s hard to see what more life can give if all we know is what we experienced first.

  4. The best part of love is the ongoing part that makes it last, not the initial starry eyed cloud nine feeling.

  5. How right you are Cléa. Though how is it always that we have to bleed a bit to learn that too late?

  6. maybe I’m a bit too young to understand all these relationship thing. but i do have some ideas, though. and I see your point. maybe I’m the kind of person who always learn things the hard way. I’m stubborn.

    right now, in my current situation. i don’t know what’s love anymore. I’m so confused. but, ah, wth. whatever.

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