Who Are We But Malaysians?

Should foriegn blogs ping local blog aggregation sites? An interesting question albeit a futile one. When people connect whether or not quality of something is related to where it was produced, you have to ask yourself another question; why is it we tend to focus a lot on what’s outside when the problem really is what’s on the inside.

I’m not trying to put down the question or the post itself, it’s just that the post got me thinking. There are many of us within (and without) the Malaysian blogosphere, adamant that for the most part we…are really bad at blogging. We’re immature. We’re narcissistic self-centered attention whores that only care about our own interest. We have no shame in emulating what others do because they just happen to be good at what they do. We take for granted responsibilities for what we write, instead hiding it behind ideals of freedom and delusions that we’re grown up. We’re a mess. As bloggers we indirectly reflect the culture that we as a nation are. Divided in progress, united as the loony people we are on the path towards blind self destruction.

I’m sure I’m just doing the usual introspective worry-wart thing and blowing everything out of proportion. Then again, going back to the first question, why is it people tend to look towards what’s on the outside when the problem at hand is right behind you? Yeah…we try hard to raise our level. We do. We are really bad at the things we do but that isn’t for a lack of trying. Who wouldn’t want to be up there? Who wouldn’t want to do or write something that affects people and gets them to tell you that you’re really good? We try and that isn’t really a problem.

When we try without really understanding the point of trying, now that’s where everything goes wrong. People who code without knowing what those codes mean. People who add features without seeing past what they really do. People who say they know things without even having experienced something like that in their lives. This is where we go wrong. The problem really isn’t about emulating those what are good, it’s about failing to see why they are that good. It’s about being stubborn in believing that there is nothing good left on the inside that we have to pretend we’re something else, just so we feel good for 15 seconds. We fail to be good because we fail to see what’s there to be good about ourselves. And that isn’t just a problem for a bunch of bloggers, that’s a problem for a whole nation.

No, I’m not expecting any Malaysian to change after reading this. Agree or disagree, it’s just one person’s personal commentary on something that crossed his mind. At the end of it, it’s just expected to move on without a hint of what’s been mentioned because that’s who we are. I don’t blame that fallacy, I don’t even think that it’s a fallacy. I just think that if we grew up on what we have been doing all along, we could be something better, not as a nation, not as bloggers, but as individuals. People who understand that it isn’t about what we do that defines us for who we are, but for why and how we do it that defines us all, good and bad.

As a bloggers or even a nation, some things will never change and just grow old with time. But as individuals, maybe it’s time we grew up.

6 thoughts on “Who Are We But Malaysians?

  1. Well, I agree with what you have stated here. Actually when you have a blog, you can write anything you want, at least you don’t talk about things that overwrite other’s. I guess that would be all right. Why care about what other people mention?

  2. Because at the end of it, it isn’t just about what other people have said. It’s about everything else that makes a person who they are. Styles, methods, ideals. The whole nine yards.

  3. Is there really such a thing as “good blogging” or “bad blogging”?

    I always thought that blogging is just, well, blogging lah…. freedom of expression, that sorta thing. I mean, sure there are people whose style of writing may be really IRRITATING or really childish or just plain POINTLESS, etc (mind you, this is very subjective/ relative) but is it really wrong?

    Then,if it is, then what is it that is considered right or correct?

  4. Maybe the words “bad at blogging” threw off the point. Bad at doing what comes naturally. That would be a much better emphasis of the whole thing. It doesn’t really matter whether someone’s style isn’t what we would want to read, but when styles are emulated because they are popular or if they never grew at the end. Thats when something is really wrong.

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