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Ever had those days where you think of everything and nothing at the same time? Well, right now there is just so much things going on in my mind that it’s actually giving me a splitting headache, but like all things said and done. When you don’t know else to do, start with something you know the most.

Which is what I’m going to do anyway.

There comes a time when I’ve got to ask, what am I writing for anyway? To answer that I write solely for myself would probably be the most hypocritically obvious answer that comes to mind. After all, if I do write solely for myself, putting it online wouldn’t be the first thing that comes to mind. Putting it on paper in a small book would give me just the same effect.

What about writing to spread infomation to the world? Would that be the reason I write things for? I don’t think so either. I hardly think that the constant musings of a mind as emotionally insecure as mine then punctuated with occasional spots of intense clarity is going to be an attractive sort of information to anyone aside from psychiatrists.

So aside from this what exactly am I writing for in the first place?



Maybe I write for all those things. Maybe each of my posts are a combination of everything of the above. I may write to satisfy my own sense of self by puring my heart out. I may write with the sense of responsibility that every factual post should have to the public. But I cannot deny that I also write to appeal audiences and satisfy my own sense of narcissism. Whether it’s purely to know people are coming to your site or to know that people actually bother to read and express their thoughts about what you wrote.

In any case why I blog still boils down to one thing.

It is who I am.

I may be an insecure guy who puts things into perspective in a different way than other people, but I’m just an insecure guy who puts things into perspective in a different way and just wants people to acknowledge his presence. Sometimes I don’t expect it to always happen and most of the time I don’t expect people to understand why it is important for me that it should happen, but if I’m may just be a kid to the eyes of the people I want to be acknowledged in…the bottom line still remains. When you remove all the buzzwords and rants, when you remove all the unnecessary crap that lies in the blog

It is still me…just as your blog is still you.

Isn’t that what we all are blogging about?

Isn’t that what blogs are about in the end?

Just who you really are?

At least that’s something to think off the next time you start blogging.

7 thoughts on “Why I Blog…

  1. i’ve written about something similar few months back. too lazy to go dig out the link. i guess, every now and then we (bloggers) would wonder on the same question 🙂 writing down the reasons could give us the clarity in the answer we already know and maybe point out the obvious to our audience.

    just like someone dreaming of success, they must not just dream but clearly define what success to them are. that is the only way to measure whether it is attainable and when it is staring in our face, if we recognize it.

  2. Guess in a way that makes us true bloggers. Blogging in a way is like our life itself, it has its ups and downs and its purpose of existance. Not simply just a random bits of words on a page, but a reflection of what we represent. Good and bad…it’s all there.

  3. yeah. like you told me once. my blog just reflects who i am. =) so no use arguing about what a blog should be like anymore eh?

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