Why Pop A Vein When Life’s A Piece Of Shit?

The way things work around me is that everything happens for a reason. What those reasons are, most of the time are pretty clear. Bad things happen to me and I’m supposed clean it up and explain to other people why the same bad things happen to them and what’s the best way to make sure they don’t end up in my position.

On a cosmic-karma level, it’s a pretty good deal. After all, what is an advice but old junk you don’t need that’s cleaned up and given away for more than it’s worth? On a personal level, it kinda sucks to be in the position where you’re poised to endure the crap and can’t stand to see other people endure the same crap you just happen to go through recently.

I suppose like all things, it makes sense to take things as they go along. You can have your long term plans and your backups in backups. That doesn’t mean that you can’t spend time living in the moment as they come.

If I’m going to beat myself up as I always have over problems that will eventually amount to nothing in bigger picture of things, I’m not just going to end up with a very very miserable life, rest assured, I’m going to end up with a very very short miserable life.

I can’t help that I like to help people. I can’t help that I can’t turn away from people who are in distress. That’s the life I lead. I have a choice to turn away and say I have things to do and turn away from it, but I choose not to. I’ve already made the choice and I am living that choice day after day. Even if it means being taken granted for, it is still my choice to bear and maybe it’s time that I realise I have to bear my choices with pride.

A friend said that not everyone gets to be her and not everyone gets to be me. Whatever reasons that I find myself living or surviving for day after day isn’t something as simple as a mathematical equation (which is good considering I suck at maths) or a trip to the park on a lazy sunday afternoon. Finding those reasons why things happen the way they do in your life is a journey of walking through life itself.

Whether good or bad or what dreams and nightmares will come, one day when you least expect it, every reason will be made clear. It’s just how the system works. Until then though, the best thing I can do, the best thing any of us can do is to at least walk through things one moment at a time. One joy at a time. One misery at a time. One problem at a time. One victory at a time.

Everything works themselves out in the end. The least we can do is make sure we don’t pop a vein trying to get to that end…cause that would really put a damper on things won’t it?

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