Why Science And Religion Cannot Mix

To anyone who knows me, I’m one of those hardcore scientists by nature. Deep down in my heart, the only room left for me to cling on to hope and salvation lies in the eternal journey to which I walk upon in the search for the truths in life.

To me at least, there is no place for a person like me to have beliefs that I cannot touch or see let alone prove. That of course means that religion plays an almost insignificant part in my life aside from the knowledge I hold for those late night philosophical debates with people online. In fact I’ve always said that religion holds the entire progress of humanity back and that religion and science cannot mix.

Then of course…I saw this though this site.

If anything, that has got to be the single greatest proof any one of us need to know for a fact that science and religion cannot mix because the misconceptions that hardcore beliefs have often cloud the objective judgement that people need in science. I quote a sentence from the article:

The typical blogger continues to be a teenage girl who uses the medium primarily to communicate with five to 10 friends.

I sincerely think that the person who wrote this doesn’t have kids or doesn’t really know how to use the net because he’s living in a cave. For your information, the typical blogger would probably have instant messengers like MSN, ICQ or Yahoo to communicate with their 5 to 10 to…150 friends rather than use their blogs.

This line is even more ridiculous:

Of the world’s approximately 38 million “blogs,” or self-published Web pages…

To boil blogs down to “self-pubished Web pages” simply shows the obvious short-sightedness of whoever was writing this. I mean parochial is one thing…but at least get your facts straight and don’t boil everything down to a simplistic generalization when you’re supposed to be an informative “science” site.

That’s not how science works.

The article goes on and on about how dangerous blogging can be and how young kids are prone to the dangers of the world beyond the net. Sure the world is a scary place, but keeping people from understanding the responsibility they have to have when they write things online by manually regulating their freedom of expression won’t make things any better.

You can’t run away from problems by placing a giant cone of silence over a person’s head. If anything, you should be teaching kids how to properly use something as powerful as the net with a sense of mature responsibility. If anything, I just think ignorance and short-sighteness of the entire thing is the cause of bad things happening. You can’t fight if you don’t know who the enemy is.

That’s just plain common sense.

Well…aside from that I guess I wash my hands from the entire matter. It is just one article anyway, but going through the site, I can go through a lot of misconceptions on what science basically is. Rather than having myself die from laughter, I think it would be best just to keep on going and saying only this.

In life, it is the things that we don’t understand that drives us to live in uncertainty and fear. Some of us may feel better to hold on to the belief that there is someone up there watching over us. But some of us like me, build our lives on things that we know…things that cannot lie.

What comes after is up to us to discover with an open mind.

2 thoughts on “Why Science And Religion Cannot Mix

  1. It’s still a religion. I like to attach myself to an idea not a belief. At least from there I like the challenge of knowing that things can be wrong and we still get better at it in the end.

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