You Do Need A Reason

You know I can’t barely remember the first time it felt like to be in love, or at least what I knew was love then. The attraction of someone I didn’t know much about except that I used to follow her home like a good little stalker I was. Well, I had to anyway, she lived right behind my house as it turned out. But like all things in the world, eventually we little children do grow up (at least some of them) and we’re left with a headful of bittersweet memories and our ideas on what a life behind the picket fence would mean for us.

So to answer the question you asked of me with all that I have lived by and all that I have experienced since those days of youthful enthusiasm.

Is reason prerequisite for love? Certainly not.

But is reason prerequisite for a relationship? Without a slightest doubt.

Where you define yourself and go from there…that choice will always be up to you.

6 thoughts on “You Do Need A Reason

  1. tricky… im a very emotional person, i jump headfirst into things if i feel like it. maybe thats why i have never been in a truly fulfilling relationship? but how could i reason whether i want to be with someone if thats how i feel? and then… thats already a relationship, isnt it?

  2. ChickyBabe: I don’t think anyone really analyses love. I’m just one of those people who think to much to begin with.

    Dora: That’s usually the tricky part. Then again, I always try to force myself to ask the question what is it other than love that I see myself with the person. When I have my reasons for being with them, I know even though love can wane, I can still go back to the purposes that I was with the person. Those reasons keep the relationship alive.

  3. If that’s the sole reason then future prospects do have a problem since love never really is enough and never really lasts forever. Hard to base a lifetime relationship on something that doesn’t last forever.

  4. I’ve been in love before. In fact, I still kind of sort of love the guy. Except he’s an ass. Why would I even deserve someone who treats you crappy? I don’t and at least now I’ve learned my lesson in my post “I Like Boys”.

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