9rules 24 Hour 5th Round Submission

There we have it, one of the best damn blogging network has opened their doors to membership once again. The 5th round intake will only be open for 24 hours. To date, it’s been open for about an hour and as far as I know more than 100 people have sent in their submissions to join this little elite network of bloggers. The last time round they opened to submission, a great 700 people signed up over a period of 24 hours with only about 117 people coming on.

This time who knows how many people will sign up and how many more will actually qualify to join (9rules has a little bet going on right here). Secretly, I hope that the percentage does decrease a bit, because even with all the other members, it’s pretty hard itself to go through all the good sites everyday. But then again, what’s a community without the people? Especially people who can help you be a a great deal better than you are now.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind any Malaysians joining. It would be cool to see more than just 2 Malaysians (Wan Zafran and myself) being a part of the 9rules network. And while it’ll be a little elitist for me to say so, but it’ll also be cool to see how good the rest of the Malaysian bloggers are as bloggers, since…well…Malaysians are the way they are with things and I’d like to see some people put their fingers where their mouths are.

So of course, let’s not forget to remind people that the 9rules submissions are today and today only because it is 9rules and we like to do things like this. So if you like to try your capabilities and luck at these sort of things, head on down to the 9rules Round 5 Submissions page and just put your name down. Who knows? You might get in. You might even win yourself free (gs) Grid-Server webhosting for life if we pick you to be the best inductee.

Now how could you say no to that one?

5 thoughts on “9rules 24 Hour 5th Round Submission

  1. The top dog of WordPress and blog related information Lorelle is on WordPress.com and she’s a member of 9rules as well. Her blog used one of the standard WordPress.com themes when she was accepted into 9rules.

    Though they do have issues with Blogger blogs, that is unless you have something to write and design that’s completely unique to yourself.

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