9rules Ali2 Launches and Why I’m Part Of It

More than 6 months ago, 9rules rolled out its new design (codenamed Ali) to the masses. Within it came a whole host of changes which like many, I was enthralled. Then like some, I became addicted to it. Lastly, like a few, I became displeased. Though in truth, the displeasure and annoyance wasn’t because of it’s new aesthetics or its part forum, part blog-like Notes. In truth, I didn’t like it because 9rules began to move away from the collective individualism of blogs to a community system of people.

Not the kind of change I had in mind as a member of 9rules ever since the early 2006 and as a person who often found it hard to wave his hands like a maniac and drawn attention to himself by saying “I’m not wearing any clothes and I feel good!!”, changes like this are hard to adopt and adapt to. So it wasn’t hard to feel left out. Turns out though, I’m not the only one. The only difference was, I saw no reason to leave, some other people did.

But conflicting history aside, the new 9rules Ali2 sports…well…I’m still trying to put it into words. All I know is that I have not salivating ever since it went live because it’s got to be one of the best things I’ve ever seen not just in any blogging community, but in any site.


Sure, the emphasis of community is still there and as the new membership agreement puts it, all members should at least be able to participate in the community, even if it is once in a blue moon. It sounds fair though. After all you can’t have a community network if there isn’t anyone to around to build a community.

Besides, thanks to 9rules, small timers like myself can still afford to be under awesome webhosts for free. We can be a part of new things on the web before the rest of the world knows about it (I was on Twitter, Facebook and Thoof before anyone else knew about it thanks to the invites and info). We can get help from each other because face it, most of the 9rules members have something offer whether it be programming or food. We don’t have to worry about our online reputation because, its spoken for as a member (take a whiff of my high page rank). Most importantly and I stress the importance.

I know I’ve got one of the best content as a blog.

Of course, by now you’d have realized that this self gloating has nothing to do with any of the new fangled things that 9rules Ali2 has because like I said again, aside from the jaw dropping interactivity and complimentary aesthetics (who’d have guessed they’d be customised profiles depending on your partipation?), I’m still trying out the site. All I can say is that this launch has somehow renewed my zeal in a blogging community that prides itself for being something different. While its arrogance serves only to have its detractors call 9rulers elitists, it’s not without a certain sense of actual know how that gives a lot of us the pride to say we’re one of a kind.

But maybe that doesn’t matter in the long run. You can have a brand spanking new community site with loads of goodness. You can have a rag tag band of elite blogging misfits to fill that community. At the end of it, 9rules isn’t without the blogs that make it so. It’s not without each individual members contribution as individuals with their own lives, doing what they love and telling the world about it.

At the end of it, we don’t make our lives about blogging. We make blogging about our lives. Whatever changes, whatever we grow with, we share those sentiments on our blogs and ultimately the world. 9rules is just a collection of us as growing individuals sharing our thoughts and opinions to the world. It may not be the final word on what’s best for you, but it’s still something we are passionate about and that’s what makes us good. Whether our readers grow with us on the other hand, well…that’s always for time to tell.

So, here is to the new 9rules Ali2. May it bring the perfect balance between individuality and community. May it bring its members just as many perks for being great bloggers. May it finally make sense to me why it was called “Ali” in the first place. May it always be 9rules. A place where quality loves company and company loves to have fun.

3 thoughts on “9rules Ali2 Launches and Why I’m Part Of It

  1. I don’t support 9rules anymore. It turns against those who participate in a way that the creators don’t approve of. It’s like if you want someone to participate, let them. Don’t ban someone because of it.

  2. That’s sad. Then again, there were rules in place. It’s only when those rules were broken that such effects have to be enforced. The thing is the triumvirate won’t do something unless the rest of the people complain as well. That’s what I heard happened anyhow.

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