9rules Opens Its Doors

In the past 9rules has always opened its doors to new members by holding a 24 hour only submissions once or twice a year. People who know how popular 9rules is would often scamper through in the hopes that they might be accepted into its fold.

True enough, the last time 9rules held its Round 5 admission, about 1112 bloggers from all over the world applied for its exclusive membership, driving the 3 head honcho’s, Mike, Scrivs and Tyme (mostly Tyme from what I hear) up the wall with sleepless nights trying to pick out the new members.

That’s why just recently, 9rules has decided to open its doors to people instead of holding one of its submission rounds. What you have to do though is to follow whatever the Membership Page says and wait and see if you make the cut. Mind you though that Tyme probably has a lot of email to go through much less spend time going through your blogs with the Mike and Scrivs. So even if you apply, it’ll probably be a while before you hear from them. Which is a good thing though because it’ll give them time to see how natural you are as a blogger rather than show your face in the days after you applied and are never seen again if you do make the cut.

Personally, I have my reservations, but only because I like being in an exclusive club. I realize though that the 9rules Team won’t change the way they have been filtering out the quality content from 9rules and if anything goes amiss, the rest of the members will know what to do. I’m not the only one that likes a community full of good content. I also realize most importantly that this will give the Team members a chance to drop on down and mingle with the rest of us.

They might be Rulers of the Universe (or at least Tyme is), but that doesn’t mean they can’t a little R&R with the rest of us chosen mortals. I guess its no fun creating a great blogging community and network and not having any time to enjoy it. They should be enjoying the community as much as we do, even if they wearily don the responsibilities as the heads of it.

So I guess, this means if you’re reading this and you’re not already a member of 9rules or you applied for it in previous rounds but never really got a word back from them, it’s time to give it a go once again. Who knows, you might get in. Who knows? It might change the very way you blog, or even better, change the very way you live. While many of us 9rulers might not consider blogging to be life, here at least, it’s just another part of it. The most important things however is what you do to live life.

That being said, blogging is just a way of telling the rest of the world you had one hell of a blast doing it.

3 thoughts on “9rules Opens Its Doors

  1. First I thought I’d missed this 9r post or that there was something wrong with my feed reader, but then I realized I did read it. Your title, 9r opening its doors does sound a bit misleading (well, that’s too strong a word, but…). That Membership notice has been up for a long time. And the fact that there would in all likelihood not be a round six, leaked in a note (or a comment) long before that.

    I do think they should wrap up round five first (that ‘nearly final’ list still hasn’t updated). What I think they mean by ‘mail us’ is that they will be adding small numbers of members based on member suggestions and their own recent discoveries. That sort of implies admission will become even more difficult, since you can’t just submit and wait. You now have to prove yourself.

    O 9rules! You and your mysterious ways…

  2. What does sound a little disturbing is the fact that community interaction (assumingly via notes) is one of the factors of being added to 9rules. But good quality doesn’t always coincide with community friendly or even a popularity contest, like some my.9rules members.

    I liked the rounds simply because it lowered the chances of people applying for the sake of applying. You can’t fake quality on such a short notice and hope to get away with it. You needed to be established with your own voice as a blogger.

  3. True. I think 9r is faced with a big challenge anyway: consolidating the first wave of enthusiasm over the redesign and the new community tools, notably the notes. Those first need to prove their value.

    And like you, I do hope that the team will keep the standards high. That doesn’t mean just attracting technology pros, but people with a consistent voice in their blogging, like you mention as well.

    Whether they opt for ’rounds’ or ‘recommendations’, maintaining quality will be of the essence. We know so little of the hidden 9r business model, don’t we?

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